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What do you WANT to be doing today?

I could use some more sleep. I also want to read my book.

by User avatar Ms. Jenn

How long could you stay away from your computer given normal circumstances?

How long could you stay away from your computer given normal circumstances (i.e. no vacation, computer working properly, etc)? I think I could last about 2 days and then I'd have to check my email. :)

by User avatar DCRunningDiva

Do you have more up hair or down hair?

A couple co-workers (Mike and Doug) were standing at my desk waiting on my boss for a meeting. Both of these men (and my boss) are in various stages of baldness. My boss teased Doug earlier today about his baldness and that it looks funny. This is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle...

by User avatar Ms. Jenn

Women in the Men's Room

Why is that? When the men's room is occupied, guys go find another restroom in the building. Not wimmin, there's no prob using the guy's biffy if the ladies' is in use.

by User avatar jrjo

Top 100 Guitarist of All Time

According to Rolling Stone Magazine, 1 Jimi Hendrix 2 Duane Allman of the Allman Brothers Band 3 B.B. King 4 Eric Clapton 5 Robert Johnson 6 Chuck Berry 7 Stevie Ray Vaughan 8 Ry Cooder 9 Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin 10 Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones 11 Kirk Hammett of...

by User avatar Cappy

Would your life make a good book to read?

Just wondering. It seems we all bring something to the table that's different that both unique, and special. I know there are some members that keep a journal/diary of their life experiences, but wondered if you thought your life was a book in the making or a movie of the week or a low-budget...

by User avatar Morpheus99

colors a man should not wear under any circumstances?

( well unless you wife makes you ) pink lavender rose turquoise which did I miss?

by User avatar wanttorun100

What task drives you nuts sometimes?

For me it's scheduling. Anybody do the scheduling at work?? I do here at the gym. I have 10-12 people and prepare the schedule month by month. It's always the same with the exception of weekends which can be different if there is either 5 Saturdays or Sundays in a given month. Over the next several...

by User avatar JACKED UP

When you wake up from a dream, can you re-dream it?

I'm sure we've all been there're in the middle of a dream and then you wake up. Have any of you been able to quickly fall back asleep and continue the dream you just had?

by User avatar prohemp

what are your the Most quotable movies?

A Christmas Story is very quotable. Yours?

by User avatar purple hayes