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Does your heroin habit ever interfere w/ your crack smoking?

Somebody open the bar!!! I'll take a Heineken, please!

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Cocaine mixed with Suboxone

Answered by a doctor

what will happen if suboxone & cocaine are used in the same day

by User avatar RQuiroz

What helps the pain in the the testicles from using methamphetamines

What helps the pain in the the ball's from using methamphetamines

by User avatar John Doe

Drugs are never harmless! Don't do drugs!

It's crazy cause I hear people say they can use drugs recreationally and though that may be what you would like to beluor convince yourself of it's never the truth! I used to say " I have drugs drugs don't have me" well until I learned " I have drugs drugs don't have me until I have no drugs then...

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boyfriend is on cocaine and cant get it up!

hi i have recelty found out that by fiance of 3 years in now taking coke, he used to take it before we got to gether and the terms of our realationship was that we was to get off it, heres the story;;; he did get off it and i thought that he would never do it again as i feel very strongly about...

by User avatar marnie x

How long does LSD work? Do you get any after effects?

Answered by a doctor

I need something new and interesting. Rave parties combined with ecstasy are something really nice, but I know that there could be more. I have heard of fantastic hallucinations while on LSD and I am seriously thinking about getting some. How long does LSD work? Do you get any after effects? Are...

by User avatar dallis36148

diapered on meth

Answered by a doctor

Ok sounds crazy but here it goes.when I do meth my penis shrinks down to 1 and a half inches not erect.normally I'm like 5 inch when I'm not hard.not only dose it shrink but when I need to pee sometimes I start going like right before I can pull my penis out of my boxers and when I'm done peeing...

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can cocaine be transmitted through sex %-)

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Crystal like formations coming out of pores

My sister's friend was recently thrown out of rehab, and is back at home, supposedly off Meth for 15 days now. She went into the hot tub and after getting out began to feel extremely sick. My sister went over her house, and her friend told her to look at her neck, squeezed it and tiny, oddly...

by User avatar concerned

Testicular Pain Related to Meth Use

Answered by a doctor

My partner (unfortunately a meth addict) started having testicular pain a month ago and it is only getting worse. He has seen several doctors - urologist for ultrasound, primary care for tests, and emergency room physicians who checked him physically and ran tests. Cancer, infection, hernia were...

by User avatar laurenup