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Does your heroin habit ever interfere w/ your crack smoking?

Somebody open the bar!!! I'll take a Heineken, please!

by User avatar Guest

Can slamming meth cause sore throat?

Can slamming meth cause Sore   

by User avatar Rose

Meth and your Prostate

Answered by a doctor

I recently Started smoking Meth, unfortunitly, Sence then i've noticed a few things and have done some research, and was curios does/can smoking dope effect a males prostate???

by User avatar LonesomeJoe

Crystal like formations coming out of pores

My sister's friend was recently thrown out of rehab, and is back at home, supposedly off Meth for 15 days now. She went into the hot tub and after getting out began to feel extremely sick. My sister went over her house, and her friend told her to look at her neck, squeezed it and tiny, oddly...

by User avatar concerned

Cocaine recovery and pain in the heart

Hello, I ha a big problem with cocaine and was doing it nearly every day for a year. I have completely stopped now and not touched it in over 5 weeks. However I still get slight chest apins and breathing problems. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to relieve the pain? Thank you

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Crystal meth and throat infections

Answered by a doctor

This may sound bad but I HAD been smoking meth for 3 days. My mouth became dry allot but I tried to stay hydrated. However, once my trip was over I couldn't talk. I went to the doctor and she said I had bronchitics and laryngitis. I have never in my life had this before. Could I have made myself...

by User avatar starhaven28q

Cocaine mixed with Suboxone

Answered by a doctor

what will happen if suboxone & cocaine are used in the same day

by User avatar RQuiroz

cocaine overdose symptoms?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I suspect that my son has taken too much cocaine. How can cocaine overdose symptoms be noticed?

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How long does meth stay in your system

Answered by a doctor

how long does meth stay in your system and how can you detoxify your blood of meth using at home remadies?

by User avatar Guest

How long does LSD work? Do you get any after effects?

Answered by a doctor

I need something new and interesting. Rave parties combined with ecstasy are something really nice, but I know that there could be more. I have heard of fantastic hallucinations while on LSD and I am seriously thinking about getting some. How long does LSD work? Do you get any after effects? Are...

by User avatar dallis36148