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Cancel Account and Delete Posts

I would like to delete my account and all posts please. Confirmed. ThankYou

by User avatar IsaacDB358624

How do I navigate this site?

How do I navigate this site? Is there a search function? Can I arrange posts by date of last activity ? 

by User avatar Guest

All my posts are being deleted

What's the hell going on.I've made 2 threads the first was dissappear. Then I make the thread again and low and behold the bloody thread has gone again.what's going on with this place.

by User avatar Rolexkid23356367

I need a new password

Allow me to reset

by User avatar Guest

i am trying to unsubscribe

I am trying to unsubscribe but you are not letting me!!!!

by User avatar Guest

Why can't i see my messages yet?

Why cant i see my messages yet

by User avatar Ri4848355069

how to change password?

please help me to change password

by User avatar honey

Can I talk with an admin/moderator?

Hey there. I used to have an account on this site and I have since deleted the account. Unfortunately, on one of my posts, I left my username in the text. I know, it's a stupid thing to have done. Is there a mod/admin I can message to have it removed from the text? Thanks in advance.

by User avatar dankdude25352781

i want to deleted my page on h

how do i deleted myself off this website because this website is fill of it someone please give me a answer real quick nd fast for real

by User avatar DEEDEE38309474

Are we allowed to post pictures in a thread?

Are we allowed to post pictures in a thread?  I've got this rash and I need help to identify it, so I was hoping that I could post a picture of it.

by User avatar tosh9i352041