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fat pocket inside knee area of leg

Answered by a doctor

I am an average size 55 yr old women in good health who has developed a fat pocket on the inside of my leg in the knee area. I have had it checked out by my dr. to make sure there was nothing else wrong and deduced that the area was fat. My legs are not real heavy so it really stand out like a...

by User avatar sherylp

Im 12 and weigh 107 pounds, Am I overweight?

Hello Im 12, I am 4 feet and 11 inches and weigh 107 pounds. Im very healthy and I do not drink sodas nor sugary drinks. I do eat sweets, but rarely. More like once or twice a week. I exercise 2 times a week for a total of 6 hours a week. I do not seem to lose weight. Oh and for some...

by User avatar Guest

Average Weight of 13 year old, girl.

Answered by a doctor

Hi! I was wondering what the average weight of a 13 year old girl was! 'I know everyone is different' or whatever. I'm 5 5, but definetly not a skinny skinny, I have alot of natural muscle. Right now I'm 110 lbs. Is that good? I play Volleyball and Basketball, so I'm really active, but for some...

by User avatar Guest

I have gained 20 pounds back and I noticed that my belly sticks out so much that it looks swollen

I had my first baby 2 years ago by c-section. I have always been overweight and weighed about 250 lbs at the time my baby was born. I quickly lost about 20 pounds and then stayed the same weight for several months while adjusting to a new baby and going back to work. This year, I have gained the 20...

by User avatar Veronica

I'm way too underweight, how do I gain weight?

Okay, so I have this issue that concerns me. I'm 12, and I'm fighting to keep 60 pounds. I'm extremely skinny, you can see my ribs, my spine, my shoulder blades, everything. I'm not sure how I can gain weight. I think my stomach shrunk, because I fill up with a slice of bread. I've told my mom, my...

by User avatar Guest

What is the average weight for a 5'1 13 year old girl?

Answered by a doctor

I am 13, 14 in December and 5'1 and 79-80 pounds usually after I eat and I'm wondering if that is normal or too much or what is the average weight for someone my age and height.

by User avatar Danceislife13

Weight lose from depo shot?

Answered by a doctor

Hi I am 21yrs old, and I have been on the depo shot for 2yrs. I know most woman gain weight, so they say, from use of the depo birth control shot. I on the other hand, feel and see that i have lost weight. My bf now complains that my butt is much smaller then wat it used to be. i used to be a size...

by User avatar skyhigh420171365

are we more responsible about our bodies, weight and overall health?

The thread on overweight people not fitting into seating got me thinking; are we, as physically active people, more accountable for our own health than someone who would not pass a BMI test or is sedentary? And if we are, does that make us judgmental over someone who, by their appearance, is not...

by User avatar ShannonG

I\'m 13 year old girl and weight 127 lbs.

Answered by a doctor

I am only 13 year old girl and I am 127 lbs. I hate being fat. I come from a family that is average. I also had cancer before and I lost some weight. now im just gaining it all back. i dont have cancer anymore and I am all better. I am sick of being fat, I wanna be skinny and i wanna loose weight,...

by User avatar Guest

i want to gain some weight, how can I do that?

Hi everybody always talking about loosing weight well I wants to gain it I'm 51 5ft2 weighs 124 lbs I took pariactin and cb1 at first the periactin working but after 20some odd years no more the cb1 makes me sick to the stomach so thats a no for me lost can someone please tell me what can I...

by User avatar Guest