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The Average Weight For A 5'0 Ten Year Old

What Is The Average Weight For A 5'0, Ten Year Old? 

by User avatar #hamiltrash

What % of people are underweight?

We've all heard the statistics about how many people in the US are overweight, but what's the number on people that need to gain a few pounds? How many people fall into the 'normal' range?

by User avatar purple hayes

Am I too skinny and how can I gain weight?

Hi I'm 13 years old my height is 5'3 and I only weigh 83 pounds. I do eat slot and I do slot of running and excerising but Im still the same am I too skinny?  

by User avatar Guest

Why am i suddenly gaining weight?

I have had a steady increase in my weight for the past 2 months. about .5-1 pound a week. I have not added more diet, if anything I have been more conscious of what I eat. My bf is staying roughly the same 5-8% and I have not added any weight training. My mileage is the same with about the...

by User avatar copteacher

How much should a 13 year old girl weigh?

Hi I'm 13 and I was wondering how much a 13 year old girl should weigh? I weigh 10 stone, and i have just started going to the gym

by User avatar Tilly

are we more responsible about our bodies, weight and overall health?

The thread on overweight people not fitting into seating got me thinking; are we, as physically active people, more accountable for our own health than someone who would not pass a BMI test or is sedentary? And if we are, does that make us judgmental over someone who, by their appearance, is not...

by User avatar ShannonG

Is my current weight healthy?

I'm also a 5'6 14 year old girl and I weigh about 128.5 lbs. I did/do cross country running and go to an athletic school. Is this a good weight for me?

by User avatar Ai_Nora

Weight lose from depo shot?

Answered by a doctor

Hi I am 21yrs old, and I have been on the depo shot for 2yrs. I know most woman gain weight, so they say, from use of the depo birth control shot. I on the other hand, feel and see that i have lost weight. My bf now complains that my butt is much smaller then wat it used to be. i used to be a size...

by User avatar skyhigh420171365

Is 156 lbs at 14 year bad and do I need to lose weight?

Hi, I'm shayla and I weight 156.2 is that bad do I need to lose weight. I'm 14 years old and I play basketball and softball and volleyball???

by User avatar shayla ratliff

whats the average weight for a 13 year old female whose 5'0

Answered by a doctor

whats the average weight for a 13 year old female whose 5'0???? Somebody please tell me i need to know! Thank you!:-D

by User avatar cameron_brookee