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delayed puberty problems

Answered by a doctor

My son is already 14 and there is no since of puberty jet. He is still like a little boy, hairless, his testicles and penis is the same size as it was. I am very worried. Is this delayed puberty? What I should do about him. I am afraid of possible problems that could occur. Does he need the...

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Have I hit puberty yet?

I'm a 13 year old male, turning 14 in a month, and was wondering if i hit puberty yet. My voice hasn't changed, and I'm pretty short (5 foot 4) and have no armpit hair or pubes. My penis is still pretty small too. The only reason is that when I masturbate, a little clear liquid comes out. Thanks

by User avatar nibuoy143214

i havent hit puberty and im 13 what is wrong

Answered by a doctor

i am 13 years old i have some pubic hair on my balls and penis but my penis hasent devoloped. i get made fun of all the time at school because my balls havenet there anything i can do to speed up the process. also i cnt cum yet plz help me :-(

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How to get an orgasm (girls)

I need a new way to orgasm! I'm 13 and I usually put one hand on my vagina with my palm on or right under my clit and the other hand right on top of the first and the move up and down. It feels really good but it gets boring so PLEASE HELP!!

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is sticky clear fluid still semen, and am i in puberty

hi i am a 14 year old, just wondering because i produce a sticky clear fluid when i ejaculate, is this still semen and contain sperm, and also does that mean i am in puberty ??

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Fatigue, Tiredness, light headed, heavy legs and pain in the

Answered by a doctor

Some one please help! I am a 18 year old girl, an for the past week I have felt really strange! I have been suffering with light headedness, heavy legs, tiredness, dizzyness, pain in the small of my back and pain in my neck. I am a smoker and do srink, but not excessively, I have suffered from...

by User avatar Alexandra18

I am the only girl in my grade that's basically flat chested

I am the only girl iny grade that's basically flat chested. All the other girls love to talk about their breast and how there growing.  I feel so left out.  I also happen to be the smallest in my grade. Does that have anything to do with it? Thanks.  

by User avatar Creation898

How do I get horny for masturbation..

Answered by a doctor

I'm a 13 year old girl and I masturbate with the faucet and all that happens is I orgasm. I love to do it and I play with my vagina and nipples usually before (sometimes even put a marker in my vagina), but when I'm in the tub my nipples aren't hard. I can tell that while I'm masturbating with...

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teenage boy nipple

Answered by a doctor

Hi, im almost turning 17 years old im a active teenage boy that plays basketball all the time, about 2-3 months ago my nipple was itchy so normally I just sctrached it without even thinking and a thew days after that my nipple started to crack, puss comes out sometimes, it goes scaly and scabby...

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Blackout? Temporary loss of sight and hearing!

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I'm a bit of a newbie here! But I can't stop thinking about this thing that happened to me about a month ago. My mum said she would take me to the doctor, but she hasn't, so I'm trying to find the answer on the internet. I'm 15 and female, btw! Well, I was standing in subway, waiting for the...

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