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Puffy/Swollen Male Teenager Nipples

I'm currently 18 years old, 5' 11' 165lbs. I've had puffy/swollen nipples and a lump underneath them. They sometimes hurt but very rarely. Ive had this for about 5-6 years now. Though the swelling hasnt improved, the size of the lump has gotten smaller as time goes on. I would like to know if there...

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Hello, I am 14 y. o. boy, Is normal get erections in the shower after sports? I also looked at the other boys get masturbation.  Guys what do you think about?...   Comment please.

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Im to tall!

Hi, im 13 and I'm 6 foot tall and still growing rapidly. Ok, i don't want to be short but at this rate I'm going to look stupid. What can i do???

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16 and have no armpit hair

So i'm 16 and have no armpit hair, facial hair and still have a small penis. I have pubic hair and have barely any leg hair. My penis is around 4.5 inches when erect and a girth of 2 inches. Is this normal ? Have i hit puberty ? I really like this girl but i'm afraid of what she might think, I'm...

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I'm 15 and need help!

Greetings, I hope you can help me with my dilemma, I'm 15, will be turning 16 in March of next year. I'm normal sized, blond hair, blue eyes, I'm outgoing, and I usually use logic to help me decide the best decision for myself. I love going online and being creative. I have lots of...

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No breast development at all and I'm already 15

I am 15 years old. I'm 5'6. And I have NO BREAST development at ALL. Like it's literally flat. I can still wear trading bras matter fact I don't even need it because there is nothing. Like this is so sad. I weigh, 105llbs, and I'm in 9th grade. 

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IM NOT NORMAL im 15 with no breast devopment

Answered by a doctor

OK so i got my period at 13, and everything has been normal except for my breasts. All the womenin my family are D cups and i dont even need a bra because i had the same boobs since 6th grade. im a 32AA. I got my hormones checked and they said its fine. which i took the blood test when i was on my...

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dry humping, clothes on, late period....

me and my girlfriend were dry humping the other day and we both had jeans and underwear on. i didnt cum all the way but i did pre-ejaculate a little. i dont think any was wet on my pants but im not too sure and my girlfriend is late on her period and im affraid that she is pregnant. should i be...

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i want to block my height

Sir i want to block my height bescause my age is 13.5 and my height is 5'7ft plz plz reply me  

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i havent hit puberty and im 13 what is wrong

i am 13 years old i have some pubic hair on my balls and penis but my penis hasent devoloped. i get made fun of all the time at school because my balls havenet there anything i can do to speed up the process. also i cnt cum yet plz help me :-(

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