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is sticky clear fluid still semen, and am i in puberty

hi i am a 14 year old, just wondering because i produce a sticky clear fluid when i ejaculate, is this still semen and contain sperm, and also does that mean i am in puberty ??

by User avatar Guest

Blackout? Temporary loss of sight and hearing!

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I'm a bit of a newbie here! But I can't stop thinking about this thing that happened to me about a month ago. My mum said she would take me to the doctor, but she hasn't, so I'm trying to find the answer on the internet. I'm 15 and female, btw! Well, I was standing in subway, waiting for the...

by User avatar Monkeybucks

Im 14 and all my friends have their period but me, is that normal?

My friends have all got their periods and they have had them for a while. I am worried, is it normal mine is taking longer to come? I go-ogled what happens before you get you're period and its getting armpit hair, leg hair, boobs growing, discharge, mood swings ,pubic hair,spots, cramps. I have...

by User avatar Katie1998

Puffy/Swollen Male Teenager Nipples

I'm currently 18 years old, 5' 11' 165lbs. I've had puffy/swollen nipples and a lump underneath them. They sometimes hurt but very rarely. Ive had this for about 5-6 years now. Though the swelling hasnt improved, the size of the lump has gotten smaller as time goes on. I would like to know if there...

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When will I start puberty? I am 13 and I haven't hit puberty yet

I am 13 and I haven't hit puberty yet and all the other girls at school have breasts and periods I have a little hair down there and I kind of feel this little firm bumpy this in my breast? I just wanna know when I will start puberty? Also for about a year now I have had this sticky white stuff in...

by User avatar Miahenderson04

Is it normal for a guy to want to suck off another guy?

Is it normal for a guy to want to suck off another guy?

by User avatar Shadowstorm260512

sweating around my testicles and butt and i think i smell all the time

Answered by a doctor

i am 22 years old and my life has changed in a bad way because i feel like i smell. Ive been dealing with this for about 2 years now and im getting tired of feeling this way. I believe that i have an odor coming from my genital area/maybe butt area during intense activity or just sweating in...

by User avatar jvaeena1990261808

I haven't hit puberty yet at 17

Hi, basically I'm 17 but I haven't hit puberty yet and it's so embarrassing. I'm 6 foot tall, but I was meant to be around 6'3 by this age. My voice hasn't deepened at all and it's still really high, almost like a girl's, it hasn't changed since I was 10 and no matter how much I grunt it's still...

by User avatar conaltheman201857

Do I have an STD if thick,white,gooey stuff comes out of my vagina?

I'm a virgin, I have been fingered before but that was years ago. Anyway, I'm 14 years old and there is thick, gooey, white stuff coming out of my vagina. I mean, it has specks of yellow and green but over all it's white. I'm scared that I have an STD only because of the specks of green and yellow....

by User avatar Twilight_lover_123

i havent hit puberty and im 13 what is wrong

i am 13 years old i have some pubic hair on my balls and penis but my penis hasent devoloped. i get made fun of all the time at school because my balls havenet there anything i can do to speed up the process. also i cnt cum yet plz help me :-(

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