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Looking for NEGATIVE reviews of Isagenix

Answered by a doctor

Good day, Firstly, let categorically state I do not want to hear any positive feedback re Isagenix. I have been able to find that on the net with no problem. I realise many people are (I apologise in advance) fanatical about defending this product (or any other MLM product). I have no doubt...

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dr. amiram katz orange ct

Hello! I would like to know if anybody heard of dr. amiram katz. I heard that he has private practice in orange.

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How to get off of opioids, my story and hope this will help some people!

I've been addicted and abusing for only a year and a few months. The worst points in my addiction were doing 4-5 80mg OxyContin pills or shooting Heroine. I lost my job, my friends and had to relocate across the country to move back in with my family. I thought I was in the clear but turns out...

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I have been a patient of Dr. Daniel R. Theesfeld for several years. He has pain management clinics in Nacogdoches, Longview, & Ft. Worth, TX. I think he has sold the clinic in Nacogdoches recently but I am not sure. I have to say this physician is THE RUDEST HEALTH CARE PROVIDER I have ever seen...

by User avatar PATIENT IN PAIN

Dr Jemsek review?

Hi! I have lyme disease. My disease’s was misdiagnosed and I chronic lyme disease. I heard about Dr Jemsek. What do you think about long – term antibiotic treatment?

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Doctor billed my insurance thousands of dollars for medications that are not for my diagnosis

I know this is an old post but hoping somebody sees it. When the laws changed about making hydrocodone a schedule 2 med and made it almost impossible for other Drs. To prescribe it my neurologist referred me to Dr. Theesfeld and he kind of warned me how he was and then a friend of mine was his...

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George Klinkerfuss died

George Klinkerfuss died in January of 2003.

by User avatar Greta


Answered by a doctor

I tried just the shakes (with berries & a half banana) for a month or so and lost 10 lbs which I was happy with. I was exercising too (light weights & karate). Unfortunately the diet came with major stomach rumbling, flatulence and massive diareha (I was aqfraid to leave home). After a...

by User avatar Veggie Pa

tonsillectomy age 16, not easy!!

Answered by a doctor

I'm 16 years old and had my tonsillectomy done a week ago today. I am still in a lot of pain and have to take the pain medication prescribed to me every 4 hours (sometimes one, sometimes 2). The day of surgery was fine, probably because I had so much pain stuff in my system from the actual...

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Tonsillectomy Recovery 18 year old Female- not as painful as told!!!

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I decided to write about my experiances after having a tonsillectomy to help people who are about to undergo this surgery or are currently healing cope! As the title states I am a 18year old female, so not in the childs boat of things but my recovery rate has been quite a bit quicker than...

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