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Nausea and exhaustion at night time every few months

I get bouts of nausea every few months. Ever since I can remember, up until now (late teens) every few months, ranging from around every 3-6 months, i get bouts of nausea at night. I feel extremely exhausted, I'll often fall asleep for about an hour or so and then wake up thinking I'm going to be...

by User avatar bellaproudfoot

Almost blacking out when biking

Hi everyone, i was wondering why am i always (almost) blacking out when i ride a bike. I'm female and 21 years old.  When i was younger, i never had this kind of problem. Like when i was 13, i need to run for miles before i felt like I'm going to black out, and i just felt it occasionally so...

by User avatar IWantToBikeSoBad

Cant stop gaining weight After anorexia

After being anorexic for 7 months, m'y weight was of 79 pounds for 5"5. Eversince then I gained (and am still gaining weight) weight. I now weight 127pounds (57kg). I roughly gain 10 pounds every month or two. I eat healthy and sometimes reduce m'y food intake. However i keep gaining no matter what...

by User avatar Garnet Diamond

how everyone is doing after parathyroidectomy

Answered by a doctor

Just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing after surgey.

by User avatar texgranny69564

Sore Throat after vomiting from excessive alcohol intake

Answered by a doctor

I'm wondering if it's normal to have a sore throat after heavy vomiting. There must have been excessive stomach acid coating the throat. can anything be done to relieve this? Will it just get better with time?

by User avatar Guest

Parathyroid surgery looking for a expert surgeon in Canada or Montreal for MIRP surgery!!!!

Also Considering Dr LArian in Los angeles , does anyone have any information for me.... Thanks

by User avatar Guest

Parathyroidectomy side effects - Part 2

Answered by a doctor

This post is an extension of the Parathyroidectomy side effects thread. Please continue posting within this thread.

by User avatar Jenny3481

I need the best surgeon for Parathyroid adenoma

I need the best surgeon to remove the ectopic parathyroid at the chest

by User avatar Guest

Need to find an excellent parathyroid surgeon in the southwest

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I have hyperparathyroidism and live in NM. I'd really like to find a surgeon that is excellent in the region (AZ, TX, NM, CO, UT). I understand the surgery is very delicate and must be performed by an experienced surgeon who is a specialist. I haven't had much luck even finding a good...

by User avatar Guest

List Best Parathyroid surgeon near Houston, TX

Need help, My calcium has been high for several years now. But its been hard finding the right doctors. Done a lot of research and found Dr. Norman website but he is just too high and too far. Need help finding a good doctor that close to home Houston, TX.  I'm almost sure that I have a...

by User avatar Guest