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my neighbours kids never stop screaming!!! Driving me insane

Answered by a doctor

Hi, my neighbours kids never stop screaming, and it drives me insane. Can’t that man teach them to behave politely?

by User avatar Guest

child post tonsillectomy recovery age 6

Answered by a doctor

Daughter got tonsils & adenoids out because of sleep apnea. DAY 1 - operation at 9am. Woke up from anesthia crying & very upset. Said she couldn't breath, felt funny, etc. Fell asleep after 15 min and awoke in good mood. Ate ice chips and italian ice and went home. Gave her Moltrin...

by User avatar mommy2976489

Pimples on young child's bottom

Answered by a doctor

My 7 year old grandson has ongoing issues with pimples on his bottom that won't go away. His pediatrician and a dermatologist have recommended all kinds of creams and nothing seems to help. We have tried not putting anything on him, cornstarch, desitin, triple paste, and on and on and it...

by User avatar judicarey

Child age 8 Post Op tonsillectomy, his pain was severe

I have an 8 year old foster boy that went through the surgery yesterday, and he had a rough go.  Before taking him, he was malnourished and not taken care of well at other homes.  He woke up and the pain was severe.  it subsided and was able to tolerate cold...

by User avatar shflemi2000

My 10 year old daughter has been nauseous for 2 months.

We're waiting to see a gastic specialist about my 10 yr. olds condition. meanwhile since she is to young to take adult gastric relief meds. we've tried alka-selzer, pepsid, Gas-X, ect. No one seems to collate that her extreme nauseousness started when she stoped being able to expell excess...

by User avatar Susan708

4 year old with sore & red nipples

My daughter is four and her left nipple is red and sore. I can't seem to find anything on this, any ideas?

by User avatar luvmykid121201

8 year old girl vaginal pain at night

Answered by a doctor

My 8 year old daughter has been having vaginal and sometime anal pain at night. Goes and goes almost like spasms. She has been seeing a urologist. She had tests like a VCUG and full sonogram of the bladder and kidneys, everything is completely normal. She was taking Ditropan for possible bladder...

by User avatar Shelg59973

Erections in young boys - is it normal?

My sone is 6 years old. An only child, very well natured and liked with lots of friends both girls and boys. I know that all boys get erections from birth and infact even before birth however I am seeking advice as to what would be considered normal in a boy of 6. We have found that if in the...

by User avatar Guest

Toddler coughing at night

Answered by a doctor

My 3 year old son has been coughing at night for the last 2 months. It is so bad that he sounds like he will through up or choke!! The doctor does not see any infection and insists that it is a allergy thing or possibly asthma. I have just been told to start him on an inhaler. But also he has...

by User avatar Coughing


Answered by a doctor

My daughter is 17 years old (lives in Southern Spain) began to have fainting spells around 6 months ago after she had been sick with a cold / flu. She came to eat lunch at the table and didn't feel like eating, and while chewing food in her mouth, slumped her head forward momentarily, then...

by User avatar BRUCE