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am i pregnant?? im 14-15 days late on my period, i took a test Thursday the 20th around 8pm and Frid

im 14-15 days late on my period, i took a test Thursday the 20th around 8pm and Friday i took it around 9pm, they both came in negative...i haven't really had symptoms of pregnancy either, not that i know of. someone please answer!!! thanks!

by User avatar Guest

4 year old with sore & red nipples

My daughter is four and her left nipple is red and sore. I can't seem to find anything on this, any ideas?

by User avatar luvmykid121201

My son's hands and feet are peeling!

Answered by a doctor

My son just recently got over being very sick with a high fever. Since then his hands and feet have been peeling. With him being only 6 years old, he doesn't understand why he cannot pick at the fleshy pieces that are sticking off and aggravating him. What do you think is wrong that his skin is...

by User avatar steviechapman

Mother in exam room during her son's phisical exam

 I am a mother of a son who is not quite old enough to be getting too embarrassed about my presence in exam room during his physicals so I feel it is perfectly appropriate for me to witness the whole thing. I want to make sure he is healthy and developing normally, and I may need to ask some...

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toddler drinking too much chocolate milk

Hi, since my little girl was born I have difficulties to make her drink milk. Sometimes she accepted to drink a little but very often she refused it totally. My efforts to make her drink some milk were literally struggle. Lately I started to give her chocolate milk and miracle happened! She didn't...

by User avatar norrie19436

child post tonsillectomy recovery age 6

Answered by a doctor

Daughter got tonsils & adenoids out because of sleep apnea. DAY 1 - operation at 9am. Woke up from anesthia crying & very upset. Said she couldn't breath, felt funny, etc. Fell asleep after 15 min and awoke in good mood. Ate ice chips and italian ice and went home. Gave her Moltrin...

by User avatar mommy2976489

8 year old girl vaginal pain at night

Answered by a doctor

My 8 year old daughter has been having vaginal and sometime anal pain at night. Goes and goes almost like spasms. She has been seeing a urologist. She had tests like a VCUG and full sonogram of the bladder and kidneys, everything is completely normal. She was taking Ditropan for possible bladder...

by User avatar Shelg59973

10 year old naked in a shower with parents-yes or no?

Hello, I am a woman who is 34 years old. I wonder when I should stop bathing my child. He is 8 years old. Is that a little weird or you thinking it is normal? I would like a straight answer. Is it ok if I bath him till he is 10? I am not really sure about this. Thank you in advance for your answer.

by User avatar cheri19437

my neighbours kids never stop screaming!!! Driving me insane

Answered by a doctor

Hi, my neighbours kids never stop screaming, and it drives me insane. Can’t that man teach them to behave politely?

by User avatar Guest

pain in right rib area in my 12 yr. old daughter

My 12 y.o. daughter has been complaining off and on of pain in her right side - she says it feels like her ribs - for a few months. She hadn't mentioned it for awhile and so I thought that it had gone away. I originally thought that perhaps it was because she carries a very heavy book bag that is...

by User avatar lojoship