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I have constant catarrh stuck between my nose and throat which is impossible to swallow or spit.

Answered by a doctor

I have constant catarrh stuck between my nose and throat which is impossible to swallow or spit. (sometimes my throat gets sore from trying to swallow it - to no avail and I feel nauseous). When it gets worse I get bad acid reflux with it. At times it tastes very very bitter and I cant get rid of...

by User avatar Dianaofer252882

Tonsillectomy/Adnoidectomy Recovery- When can you yawn?

Answered by a doctor

I'm 37 years old and I had my suregery on 10/28/10. I was wondering how long before I can yawn....can anyone shed some light? It hurts so much when I try. I also wanted to take this opportunity to post my day-to-day recovery. I've learned a lot of things during this process that...

by User avatar Guest

Nightmares after tonsillectomy?

Answered by a doctor

My 7 yr old son had a tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy on Feb.9(6 days ago) Of course he was in a fair bit of pain the first few days, and he hasn't slept well at all since the surgery. He wakes up numerous times throughout the night crying and it seems as though he is having nightmares! Is this normal?...

by User avatar Weezy

has anyone experienced numbness in there tongue after having tonsillectomy?

Answered by a doctor

Hi I am 28 years old and just had my surgery 9 days ago. The pain was quite unbearable at times and swallowing seemed impossible. I am feeling much better now still minor pain an swallowing still isn't easy. But I'm wondering if anyone has experienced numbness in all or partnof the tongue? I woke up...

by User avatar kerry1984266464

Tonsillectomy - post operative complications

Answered by a doctor

hi All A number years ago i had regular bouts of tonsilitis and was strongly recommended to have them removed (tonsillectomy) which i subsequently did. However since the operation & for the last few years i've constantly had a throat irration & regular cough as a result as well as an...

by User avatar heretisj

Have my scabs fallen off too quickly after tonsillectomy?

Had my Tonsillectomy done 8days ago and the scabs are pretty much gone. On my right side it looks quite bloody is this normal? Have my scabs fallen off too quickly? I'm worried I'm not sure what to expect and i really dont want to have to go back to the hospital, ive had the worst 8 days full of...

by User avatar Blue

Post Tonsillectomy: Uvula healed too low?

Answered by a doctor

Two months ago I had a tonsillectomy, but now I'm starting to wonder... my uvula seems to be extremely low. Rather, my whole soft palate seems to be extremely low. It looks like there is less than half the space between my tongue and my soft palate as there was before I had the surgery. I tried...

by User avatar Guest

Loss of Taste after Tonsillectomy

Answered by a doctor

Have read all the comments about loss of taste, bitterness in the mouth, no flavour to food etc. after removal of tonsils, and I am going through all this. It is horrible and depressing. I am 6 months post op and feel things are as bad as ever. Is there anyone out there who has experienced this and...

by User avatar Ryder

Smoking after tonsillectomy, is it ok If I smoke pot out of my portable vaporizer?

I'm 18 and tomorrow will be day 7 post op, is it ok is If smoke pot out of my portable vaporizer??? I really really don't want to have to go into surgery again to stop any bleeding that smoking could cause 

by User avatar Guest

after TONSILLECTOMY developed tinnitus

Answered by a doctor

I'm a 40 year old women..had TONSILLECTOMY in September. Developed tinnitus and hearing loss. Has this happened to anyone else. I had/have TMJ and was told after the fact that i should not have had a TONSILLECTOMY because of the TMJ...any help would be welcome...

by User avatar Guest