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how can i get pregnant when most of the semen comes out as soon as my fiancee removes his penix?

when i make love with my fiancee, as soon as he ejaculate inside me and remove his penis, the semen will come out of my virginal and soil the bed, sometimes i get so worried because i am 29 years old and if the semen that is supposed to fertilise my ovum does not goes inside to do and keep pouring...

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Getting Pregnant with Asherman's Syndrome

Hi, everybody. I decided to write to you, because I feel really trapped… I don’t know what to do, and I need someone to give me a piece of advice. Firstly, some words about me: I’m 35 years old, and I’m infertile due to Asherman’s syndrome. Actually, I have adhesions in my womb that...

by User avatar Kattythegirl

can i get pregnant naturally with no fallopian tubes

Answered by a doctor

is it possible to get pregnant the natural way if I have no fallopian tubes

by User avatar mskc

Having problems getting pregnant after Mirena IUD

Answered by a doctor

I had the Mirena iud for 2 years and had it removed 7 months ago due to cramping and painful intercourse. We started trying to get pregnant 2 months after it was removed and no luck so far. Could this be caused by the Iud??

by User avatar Guest

having a hard time conceiving after implanon removal.

Answered by a doctor

Hi I have had implanon for 2 an half yrs,I have taken out my implanon april 3 2012,and me and my husband been having unprotective sex everyday and I'm still not pregnant.I'm getting so frustrated because I had no problem getting pregnant before having implanon. I have two beautiful daughter and now...

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does depo provera cause long term infertility issues?

Answered by a doctor

My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a while now. When I first heard about depo provera I was 17 and was like YES! This is perfect for me. So I went on Depo for three years (Not taking a break.) It has been four years since I have been on Depo provera and my husband and I are...

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is it easy to get pregnant?

is it easy to get pregnant ?

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Dry Humping

Answered by a doctor

This may be another average question, but if it could be answered, it would calm me down much more. I was dry humping with my girlfriend the other day, and she had thin underwear and pj's, i had boxers and a thin pair of shorts. When we were dry humping, I think my penis was quite somewhat inside...

by User avatar Dryhumper

getting pregnant while on dialysis

I am 27 and on dialysis and have been off and on for about 8 months. Me and my boyfriend want to have a baby how can I get pregnant without fertility drugs while on dialysis? We know this isn't all that safe but we still want to try.

by User avatar SHAWNEQUE63037

is it possible to get pregnant with no ovaries

I had cystic ovary, and had to have them removed. I am 38 and single again and my new boyfriend is talking about wanting children. I don't know if it is possible for me to get pregnant. I know I would have to get an egg doner but is the rest of it possible? I did have problems getting pregnant with...

by User avatar ladybug8841