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Bright red bleeding, mixed with a slimy clear discharge. 5 weeks pregnant.

Answered by a doctor

Found out i was pregnant last monday but just before and since then had a light pinkish bleeding which in the last 4days has turned heavy and red with tiny tiny clots in. Literally the size of a pen nib. Hospital scan showed gestation sac yesterday but wasnt offered a hcg test. Today had light...

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Fallopian Tube Removal and the effect on hormones

Answered by a doctor

Hello I had both of my fallopian tubes removed this week and I forgot to ask my Doctor how or if this will affect my hormones. Does anyone know? Thanks!

by User avatar KittenK31893

ivfc 5000 i u injection

i use cerphene 50mg 5 dayz and doctor after suggest ivfc 5000 i u injection to trigger ovulation. i want to know how r the chances to get pregnant after this injection and medicine?

by User avatar natalia

pregnancy while taking progyluton

I am having irregular periods.. I am having pogyluton to get the periods regular.... wil I b able to conceive while taking them?

by User avatar bushfa

Abdominal pain but negative pregnancy test. we are trying for a baby

Hello. I have been with my boyfriend for going on 3 years we have been trying for a baby for a year. I have taken 3 test 1 positive very lightly and other 2 neg im spoce to take another in a week. I Anyway my question is im having abdominal pain after we had sex i showered to see if it would help...

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How quickly after unprotected sex can you get pregnant?

Answered by a doctor

hi, i'm kinda new at this blogging thing but i saw others recieve some useful advice. My boyrfiend and i had unprotected sex abuot 5 days ago...about 3 days later i started feeling a sort of nausea in the morning. I also felt this weird pulling or soreness pain from my upper abdomen to my belly...

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what can i do to get pregnant after 2 ectopic pregnancies?

Answered by a doctor

I just got diagnosed with my second ectopic pregnancy, Ive had one before and that was in my left tube, this time its in my right tube. the doctor said that i have one more chance to try and get pregnant and that really scares me because if it ends up being another ectopic they are going to remove...

by User avatar blessedbygod

Can I still get pregnant or not ?

Hello, um this might be awkward but I didn't knew about my ovulation days and my fertile days, I normally get my period around the first of the month or the third and it lasts only a week or 6 days, and never keep track with my ovulation days or fertile days which I never knew about it till now, and...

by User avatar Aiyana Salazar

I have my tubes tied for 3 years now and for some reason I have now noticing some pregnancy symptoms

I am 32 years old and have my tubes tied for 3 years now and for some reason a couple of weeks ago I have noticing some changes like my breast hurting, cause, specific food cravings, mood swings (very emotional) and I have egg white discharge that has been coming out and mild cramping and just tired...

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how can i get pregnant when most of the semen comes out as soon as my fiancee removes his penix?

when i make love with my fiancee, as soon as he ejaculate inside me and remove his penis, the semen will come out of my virginal and soil the bed, sometimes i get so worried because i am 29 years old and if the semen that is supposed to fertilise my ovum does not goes inside to do and keep pouring...

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