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Stem cell paste for nerve, disc, and joint pain

Hello Everyone, My name is Pegs. I've lived with chronic neuropathic pelvic pain due to complications of vaginal hysterectomy in 1996. I've tried everything from surgery, medications, nerve blocks, cryosurgery, radio frequency, neurostimulators, injections, and intrathecal pain pump. The only thing...

by User avatar Peggy Rogers

how long does it take to get pregnant after using depo?

Answered by a doctor

I am 21 years old. I had 1 shot after my son was born. I chose depo because i wanted to make sure i didnt have any more kids. 2 months after i delivered my son passed away. now i am off depo and my husband and i would like another baby. Its time for my second injection but i am not going to get it....

by User avatar Guest

Hi everyone,i am here to let you all know how i got my children with the help of Dr OGUNDU Herbs

Hi everyone,i am here to let you all know how i got my children with the help of Dr OGUNDU herbal center.It was exactly two years of not having a child of my own,me and my husband went to different medical Doctors for check up but still there was no complain about the both of us.I read a...

by User avatar SUSAN BRIAN

Is it possible for a woman to get pregnant after tubal ligation?

I need your help! Urgent! My period is late for 6 -7 days and this never happened to me. My period is always regular and I don't know what to do. I would swear that there is no chance for me to be pregnant because I had a tubal ligation. But my friend says that it IS possible. And I...

by User avatar Guest

45 years old, can I get pregnet

Hi, I am forty five years old, professionally very successful woman. Because I have been working very hard to become a partner in my firm I haven't had much time to think about babies and family. Last week I met an old school friend and she was complaining about menopausal symptoms she is...

by User avatar cheri19437

Can I get pregnant at 48 ?

Answered by a doctor

Ihave been pregnant before (in 1987 and 1989). I am ready to have a baby now (at 48) One (female) doctor has told me that I am TOO OLD. Horrible bedside manner. My blood test revealed that I have increased FSH and decreased estrogen. Does ths JUST mean that I need a shot(s) of estrogen. I...

by User avatar Guest

I had both ovaries removed. Can i do in vitro and still carry a baby?

I had to jave ovarie removed. I stikl have everything else. I want to do in vitro  is that  possible. I want to carry the child 

by User avatar Lyndsey

Fallopian Tube Removal and the effect on hormones

Hello I had both of my fallopian tubes removed this week and I forgot to ask my Doctor how or if this will affect my hormones. Does anyone know? Thanks!

by User avatar KittenK31893

Does methadone affect male fertility?

Answered by a doctor

My boyfriend is on methadone and has been for a couple of years. We both want to try for a baby but I am worried he may be infertile as I have heard methadone makes a man infertile. Is this true? And if it is, will he only be infertile while he is on methadone? Will his fertility go back to...

by User avatar Teo123

Having problems getting pregnant after Mirena IUD

Answered by a doctor

I had the Mirena iud for 2 years and had it removed 7 months ago due to cramping and painful intercourse. We started trying to get pregnant 2 months after it was removed and no luck so far. Could this be caused by the Iud??

by User avatar Guest