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I want to make my hair grow faster. What vitamins I should take?

Answered by a doctor

Hello! I have had a hair cut recently and I am very unsatisfied with the result. I use to have a shoulder length hair and now it is a bob hair style. I looked so much better with long hair and I really want to regrow it as soon as possible. I want to make my hair grow faster if possible. What...

by User avatar Guest

what are the best natural immune boosters?

Answered by a doctor

i like to use natural remedies to fight off infections and viruses. When i have a cold i use a black elderberry syrup as it contains lots of antioxidants and is good for keeping me healthy. However, i would like to know what other immune boosters people use and how effective they are. I think it is...

by User avatar fiona_c61000

B12 Deficiency anemia-2 mised periods

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I am 34 and was diagnosed with B12 anemia 8 weeks ago. I had my period one week prior to my first B12 shot. I receive a 1 ML injection every other week. Since I began receiving the shots I have now missed 2 periods. I have taken two pregnancy tests with negative results. I have not...

by User avatar treywaf


Answered by a doctor

It is popular in Japan today to drink water immediately after waking up every morning. Furthermore, scientific tests have proven its value. For old and serious diseases as well as modern illnesses the water treatment had been found successful by a Japanese medical society as a 100% cure for the...

by User avatar mta12358844

Duromine - HOw do i know if it's working for me

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I'm on day 6 of Duromine, combined with healthy eating & 60min cardio at the gym 4 - 5 times a week (ive been going for 4 weeks before starting duromine) I'm not seeing any changes and i keep reading about people loosing like 5 kilos in 3 days! Is it possible duromine isn't working for...

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what are the best brands of Whey Protein and creatine

i have started gym and now i am going to take whey protein and cretin. please suggest me to which company is good for this.

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What brand of women's vitamins is the best for a daily use?

What brand of women's vitamin is be best and what kind of vitamin would you ladies recommend taking daily

by User avatar Unforgettable88

Easy way to gain height with multivitamins and changed diet

Hi Guys!! Im Pakistani Im Female im A girl Guys i was 16 years old anD my height was 5.0  But now im 18 Years old and going Happy  Ist of all Wt is yr ParentS height And you...

by User avatar Bas Parh Lena Pakistanio

is there any side effect of folic acid for males?

Hey everyone hope all are doing well. I just wanted to know is there any side effect of follic acid for males? my hubby is taking follic acid 5mg daily just because he was told by his friend that taking follic acid 5 mg tablet is good for mans fertility. Thank you

by User avatar Sara Khan

What supplements do you use?

Hi, new to running and also new to the site. I'm curious if anybody uses any supplements aside from eating healthy. I've looked around but haven't really found anything other than a regular multi. Thanks!

by User avatar Guest