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I want to make my hair grow faster. What vitamins I should take?

Answered by a doctor

Hello! I have had a hair cut recently and I am very unsatisfied with the result. I use to have a shoulder length hair and now it is a bob hair style. I looked so much better with long hair and I really want to regrow it as soon as possible. I want to make my hair grow faster if possible. What...

by User avatar Guest

Low Potassium during pregnancy

Answered by a doctor

I am curious to see if anyone has any information or possible ideas on a situation that happened to me twice. When I was 19 years old I ended up in the ER with paralysis of my arms and legs. I literally could hardly walk, and could hardly raise my arms. I actually had to have my husband help...

by User avatar mmk611105263

What are good multivitamin recommendations?

I'm looking around for a good multivitamin...but one for active people. What brands have others people tried and liked?

by User avatar shelee

Can anyone recommend a brand of multivitamin?

I'm showing some minor symptoms of what may be a cold coming again. And it's less than a month since I had one. So I'm starting to think maybe I should be taking a multivitamin. I know I don't eat as well as I should, so I figure it can't hurt. I'm also tired constantly, and my mom said I should...

by User avatar MechEngDropout

Weight gain because of L-Lysine

ive been taking Lysine for a month 2 1000mg a day spread out morning and before bed [empty stomach] [for cold sores] ive also been taking Zinc every other day after dinner. ive read that Lysine is a protein? and body builders use it to bulk up? I notice that I gained some weight. also when...

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a list of products that contain no titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, magnesium stearate or nickel?

does anyone know where I can find a list of products that contain no titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, or magnesium stearate and no nickel? Especially vitamins and probiotics.

by User avatar corinne

Can you give me some diet and nutrition recommendations for a MTHFR mutation?

Hello, I've not been tested for the MTHFR mutation (yet), but I recently found out that my B12 levels were abnormally low, lower than 300. Since I eat plenty of meat and fish I don't assume that my low levels are due to diet, but rather caused by some other factor, and I am suspecting a MTHFR...

by User avatar Dyana

Interactions between Gingko and St. John's Wort taken orally

Are there any interactions between taking Ginkgo and St John's Wort together. If so what are they?   Is it safe to use these two herbs at the same time?

by User avatar mugwort

Easy way to gain height with multivitamins and changed diet

Hi Guys!! Im Pakistani Im Female im A girl Guys i was 16 years old anD my height was 5.0  But now im 18 Years old and going Happy  Ist of all Wt is yr ParentS height And you...

by User avatar Bas Parh Lena Pakistanio

What supplements do you use?

Hi, new to running and also new to the site. I'm curious if anybody uses any supplements aside from eating healthy. I've looked around but haven't really found anything other than a regular multi. Thanks!

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