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B12 Deficiency anemia-2 mised periods

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I am 34 and was diagnosed with B12 anemia 8 weeks ago. I had my period one week prior to my first B12 shot. I receive a 1 ML injection every other week. Since I began receiving the shots I have now missed 2 periods. I have taken two pregnancy tests with negative results. I have not...

by User avatar treywaf

Diet for gallbladder removal and high cholesterol? Any suggestions that will help??

What is a good diet I can be on for gallbladder removal and high cholesterol?

by User avatar Dori

Weight gain because of L-Lysine

ive been taking Lysine for a month 2 1000mg a day spread out morning and before bed [empty stomach] [for cold sores] ive also been taking Zinc every other day after dinner. ive read that Lysine is a protein? and body builders use it to bulk up? I notice that I gained some weight. also when...

by User avatar Guest

I just got prescribed Tanalbit, I am wondering how much zinc is in 42 mg of Zinc?

I just got prescribed Tanalbit, I am wondering how much zinc is in 42 mg of Zinc(Elemental)?

by User avatar BigBen2003

Anyone experienced any Vitamin D definciency symptoms

Hello, Anyone Experienced Any Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms?  

by User avatar samJayne297758

Vitamin side effects (Mega B-50 causing significant rash)

Answered by a doctor

My husband, a healthy 32 yr old at the tail end of his doctoral studies, feeling low on energy and high on anxiety, is taking a new vitamin - MEGA B-50 (Vitamin B Complex with 1mg Folic Acid). Capsules contain v50 mg vit B-1, 50 mg vit B-2, 50 mg niacin, 50 mg pantothenic acid, 50 mg vit b-6, 1 mg...

by User avatar Water Witch33584

Does Sodium Phosphate help with constipation?

Answered by a doctor

I have been struggling with constipation for a long time. I have tried almost anything but none of the things helped. My sister told me that I should give Sodium Phosphate a try. I don’t know what it is and would appreciate any information about it. Thank you very much.

by User avatar Guest

Should I be taking supplements to assist in my training?

Hi, I'm a keen runner. I would say I train 6-7 times a week, and run approximately 9-10km each session. I've been taking a protein supplement to assist in my training. As I'm nearing the end of my proteins, I went to a health store to restock. The girl there told me a few things which has...

by User avatar Guest

Discussion about a Clinoptilolite (Mineral)

Hello there! I want to start a discussion about the mineral called zeolite. I did a lot of research and the factor side says that it works well as an anti-cancer protection, but the opinion varies a lot all over the web. Zeolite is a mineral that used in most industrial processing as a cleaning...

by User avatar DinarSallehi

Are Aunt Idas Apple Cider capsules any good?

Aunt Ida s Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules All Natural! It Grows On Trees. Aunt Ida s Apple Cider Vinegar contains 300 mg of pure Apple Cider. For years, health conscious individuals have known about the many amazing nutritional benefits of this product. It's such a tiny amount, wouldn't it just...

by User avatar purple hayes