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Should I try Dr Bernstein diet?

Answered by a doctor

Hi everyone! Im 20 years old 5'7 and weigh 180 pounds. Ive read a lot of reviews about the Dr Bernstein diet and frankly im confused. I want to reach anywhere from 110-130 pounds. I eat maybe one or two meals a day but there small proportions. I dont eat a lot of junk food. I may have a small piece...

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Does anybody have experience with Isagenix???

Answered by a doctor

I found a site claiming there is a program, Isagenix, that allows people to lose up to 15 pounds in 9 days. Does anybody have experience with this? Is it possible? Have you kept the weight off after the 9 days? **edited by moderator**

by User avatar angelinadavid58345

how to lose weight gained from antidepressants

Answered by a doctor

Hello there! I have been on prozac and I gained 20 pounds! how can I get rid of these extra pounds? Is it hard to lose weight after gaining it from antidepressants??? Has anybody had a similar problem?

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Cost of Dr. Bernstein diet

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I was wondering if anyone can break down the cost of the Dr.Bernstein diet. I live in Vancouver , BC. Thanks. **this post is edited by moderator ** e-mails not allowed **

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Answered by a doctor

I did do the 30 day - well I started it. I am a healthy 40 yr old. I eat well, I do a normal amount of junk. I excersize daily. I tried the 30 day just to maybe feel better and cleanse and lose 5 pounds. I did the 1st 4 days. I was tired beyond belief, groggy and just spacey. On the 5th day...

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bernstein diet clinic posts

Answered by a doctor

My friend had tried Bernstein diet and told me it is 100% medically supervised. The only people who treat you at the Bernstein clinics are doctors and registered nursing personnel, which I prefer. Also I have heard they routinely perform treatments that others are not qualified to do. Treatments...

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Can women use Nugenix for weight loss?

Hi there. My brother told me about this product called Nugenix. His friend used it and he was super satisfied with it. I know that friend of his, I’ ve seen him a couple of times. He was always obese, and lately he got a really nice shape.I believe this product made him that slim. Perhaps he...

by User avatar Julietteee344976

Intra Gastric Balloon for Weight Loss?

Answered by a doctor

Has any one experienced the Intra Gastric Ballon through endoscopy? for weight loss? I am few days away from having it and i badly need to know how and what it feels like... does every thing go as good as the doctors say? or there are any kind of common problems associated with it? Pls help!!

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Weight loss for a 13 year old male? what are the best methods to lose weight at my age?

Hello there. I am a 13 year old boy. I weigh 40.7 kg, my height is about 140 cm and I need to lose weight. I would like to have a good body shape before I hit puberty. Most fat is located in my upper body. I do not work out. My questions are: what are the best methods to lose weight at my age?...

by User avatar Omar Hussein

things to avoid for weight loss?

Answered by a doctor

Which foods are the best type to eat and what are to avoid?

by User avatar centreforsurgery348966