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I'm gonna try a new diet tomorrow what color should it be?

... what color should it be? Im thinking red

by User avatar Laurie Ellen

Do you think it's possible for me to lose weight by the time I go to high school?

I am 5 ft 2 in and weigh 156 pounds. Same problem. Everyone makes fun of me- Even my old friends from elementary school, which is only part of the MANY reasons why we are now enimies. ​Now I am in 6th grade. (Ya, I know, uh oh I'm in middle school) But now I have much better frienda than i...

by User avatar Guest

Does anybody have experience with Isagenix???

Answered by a doctor

I found a site claiming there is a program, Isagenix, that allows people to lose up to 15 pounds in 9 days. Does anybody have experience with this? Is it possible? Have you kept the weight off after the 9 days? **edited by moderator**

by User avatar angelinadavid58345

Prism weight loss out of business

Hi there, I was thinking about to try again this prism weight loss diet, but I have heard that they are out of the business. Is this true? Anyone has any idea what could happen? This diet was great for me, I felt great and I actually have lost a lot of pounds. Does that mean that this program is no...

by User avatar LillyUK326932

I need to lose weight because I'm cosplayer

Hello! I am 13, turning 14 in Feb! I am always insecure about my weight, ALWAYS. I go to an all girls school so having a "good body" or looking good depends on your life. I really struggled with my weight as I was unfortunately I was born with a 'ring' around my neck (aka a small double chin). It...

by User avatar Guest

Can women use Nugenix for weight loss?

Hi there. My brother told me about this product called Nugenix. His friend used it and he was super satisfied with it. I know that friend of his, I’ ve seen him a couple of times. He was always obese, and lately he got a really nice shape.I believe this product made him that slim. Perhaps he...

by User avatar Julietteee344976

I need a way to feel good about myself and lose weight

I'm 13 years old and weight 112 pounds. I want to lose weight but my parents aren't supportive. I always hide my tummy. When I buy jeans I have to get size 16 jeans. I have tried starving myself but it's hard with my parents around. I hate my body. I need a way to feel good about myself and lose...

by User avatar Alexa_2410

Anyone had success with somersizing diet plan?

Answered by a doctor

Hello guys, anyone here somersizing? Anyone had success with somersizing diet plan? My sister and her husband did this a few years ago, and both of them had nice success. But I guess this diet is not that popular anymore. I think that Atkins diet is at the top right now. I think that Suzanne...

by User avatar Willma326933

I am trying to lose body fat and gain muscle tone and build

I am 58 trying to lose my bloated stomach   and have lean muscle and to tone and build.

by User avatar Guest

Weight loss for 13 year old girl, and body image issues.

I'm 13, weighing 112 pounds, so yes, you have the privilege to call me a cow. I hate my body, though it's probably obvious. I need help on losing weight. My parents aren't supportive. They caught me working out in the living room and I got in trouble. Plus they are not healthy eaters. I have also...

by User avatar Lexa