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Possible cyst under arm producing pus

I know that sounds gross, but I have no insurance, no money and a painful cyst or something like that under my armpit that has made it painful enough that I have been taking a lot of over the counter pain meds. This afternoon it popped and it leaked light white pus for a while that progressed to...

by User avatar Demonkittie48662

Mom's Advice or the Doctor's Advice? Mum said I must wear panties all the time

I went to the "girl" doctor today. She says women should go without panties as often as possible (especially in the summertime). If they must wear panties, they should be white cotton briefs. My mother says you should wear a clean pair of panties all the time. She would prefer that I have...

by User avatar Guest

vaginal cum technical name?

I have been doing lots of research about female orgasms and female genitals. My question now is where can I do research about cum? The word cum is not in my dictionary or in my medical dictionary. I have found out about copulines which are substances that occur in vaginal secretions. I looked up the...

by User avatar Guest

clear watery liquid discharge coming from my vagina?

Answered by a doctor

I have this very watery clear liquid come from my vagina at any time of the day and it happens at least two times a day. This has been happening for a few days now. I have unexplained fatigue, headaches, tender breasts, and often have cramps and nausea. I am sexually active with one man, and have...

by User avatar Guest

Sudden weight gain after stopping birth control?!

Answered by a doctor

I'm really frusturated and confused so if anyone has experienced this and found out what was going on I'd appreciate your comment greatly! I was on birth control for about 2 months, yaz, and went off of it about 3 months ago because I didn't like how it made me feel. Since then I've suddenly gained...

by User avatar gorder1

Severe headache, dizziness and passing out if laying on stomach with head raised

Answered by a doctor

I have recently had a very strange "issue" I can not explain. When I lay on my stomach and raise my head to look at someone or simply read a book while laying on my stomach but propped on my elbows, I get a severe headache, i see little bright lights in my peripheral vision, I hear a...

by User avatar macalb147399

Gynecosid & E.P Forte

Hello, My G.F missed her period and the last time we had sex was Aug 10.. It seems she wasn't safe afterall. We think she's pregnant but she's freaked out and says she can't have a baby now, While I love her, I still have to respect her wishes.. She hasn't seen her period for 3 days now, that means...

by User avatar Steve

Tubes tied and getting breast leakage

In 2001, after I gave birth to my daughter by C-section and had my tubes tied. Now,I noticed the other day that on one breast , and I assume one gland ,leaks.The reason I say one gland is because it is only one little drop that comes out a creamy color yellow out of one duct. What could be causing...

by User avatar Lisa070707

Hymenectomy/ septate hymen removal

Answered by a doctor

Hello everyone, I very recently had my septate hymen removed and I have decided to share my story with you all because before I had the surgery I wanted to know the details of it and how it all happened. So here goes!Firstly I am 17 (from UK- so procedure done on NHS) and have not had sex yet, I...

by User avatar Teen101

swelling in the whole body

Answered by a doctor

I am getting swelling in the whole body including my hands, feet, legs, face, neck, abdomen (stomach blots) since december 2007. I am trying to find out a reason for that. hav gotall my blood tests done but doctors cudnt find anything. all are normal. i search on internet but cudnt find any specific...

by User avatar julia84