reddish brownish discharge

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spartz 9/19/05 3:00 AM

Hello. I'm 24 year old female and I'm pretty worried right now because I have developed some delicate problems. You see, about a week ago I started to suffer from some strange reddish brownish vaginal discharge and I don’t know what could cause it.
I have never experienced anything similar. I have also heard a lot about this type of discharge and some STDs but I know this couldn’t be true because I'm sleeping with the same person for years. I'm also on pill for over then a year. Could this maybe have some effects on my present health situation? Please, if someone knows more about this- feel free to write about it.
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egolf 9/29/05 9:19 AM

Hello. I understand that you are worried about STDs and everything but, like you have already said- I really doubt that this could be the reason, although many STD can cause this.
I was thinking about your pill and found out that your birth pregnancy pill could cause you this problem. I have read that your liver could be too weak to detoxify the birth control's artificial hormone Progestin into the natural hormone progesterone responsible for retaining a thick uterine lining. So, you are really lack of this progesterone hormone which is supposed to be produced by your ovarian. After it- it’s simple! As a result, your uterine lining becomes too thin, thin enough to separate in some spots, and slight bleeding results which is causing you your reddish discharge. If it doesn't go away quickly on its own, the best thing to do is to make an appointment with your medical provider to get it checked.

Guest 1/24/07 3:06 AM

i've noticed, that i had a brownish pinkish discharge yesterday..few hours after having a sexual intercourse..i've experienced it before, but it only lasted for 1 to 2 days...i've only had sex a couple of times with the same person and i'm not taking any pills or using anything else related to just wondering whether is it a problem? should i go and see the doctor or is it normal?

Sweetcarol 1/24/07 5:42 PM

hi im 16 years old and have noticed the same brownish discharge on my underwear as well, im still a virgin so i know it cant be a std.....i wonder what is causing this. someone must have a answer out there please post ?
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lalalovely 3/27/07 3:07 PM

i'm getting this reddish-brown discharge right now too and i'm concerned as well, although I am 17 and i'm not having sex. it's about a week before my period. it happened about two weeks ago for a day and it's happened again these past two days. what could it be? on another forum a woman mentioned that that can happen because of the flu... and i have the flu right now... is this true? can anyone find anything that says that?
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jm09 4/11/07 9:19 PM

I'm having the same thing, for about a week now I've been having a light brown discharge and sometimes a red or pink discharge. My bofriend and I had anal sex. could this be signs of pregnancy? or what else could it be. he didn't ejaculate in or near me. what could it be? %-)

Guest 1/4/11 7:13 PM

i found reddish-brownish discharge lately and dont know what it is i heard stuff about STDs but i have not had sex yet im 14 and need help i never had it befor what could this be :$ o.O

Guest 1/18/11 11:17 AM

I really dont think any of you gals have much to worry about. You are all very young. You should have your doctor(if you are sexually active) check you for HPV which can cause cervical cancer. Most Dr.s will tell you that you cant get cervical cancer because you are so young. The claim is that it takes having HPV for 10+ years before HPV can turn into cancer. Most people are able to naturally clear up these HPV issues on their own but in some cases such as mine I developed cervical cancer very rapidly (at age 32) the dr caught it right away and he did a D and C and also the leep and loop proceedure. Now a year has passed since surgery and signs are reappearing so I am going to have to see the doctor again. As for the gal who is bleeding after sex that is a HUGE sign that she is having some serious issues that need to be addressed. You need to be checked for HPV 16 and 18 the cervical cancer causing std. Understand that HPV 16 and 18 are not the same as genital wart causing HPV. Good luck girls. I'll keep you in my prayers!!
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TropicalIsland 11/3/11 12:59 AM

I am 23yrs. old and when I used the restroom I noticed a reddish brownish color on my panty liner and in the toilet after I peed, there were reddish white small clot looking things in the toilet. It can not be from an STD because I have been with my boyfriend for 2yrs now and we both are monogamous. I am however 10 days late for my October menstrual cycle (I am always on time). My boyfriend and I do not use any protection and I am not on birth control. We have been trying for a long time to get pregnant but to no success. I am highly doubtful that I am NOT pregnant. A lot of the symptoms I've been having may be pregnancy-related but there are other reasons for it, I'm sure. Please help me out. I am worried and scared and in some way or another I am secretly hoping that I am pregnant...I just don't want to "jump the gun" and then get disappointed.
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TropicalIsland 11/21/11 1:56 AM

I posted a couple of weeks ago and on 10/06 I tool a home pregnancy test and it came out positive. I again took another one on Monday...just to be sure and the results were the same. On Tuesday, I went to the clinic and took the pregnancy test and the results were positive. I didn't however, see a doctor because they scheduled me for an early pregnancy appointment for the 1st of December so I am not too sure how far along I am. Okay, so earlier today (11/21) I went to use the restroom and a half-dollar size amount of this brownish colored watery mucus-like clot was in the toilet and when I wiped there was brownish blood on the tissue. I knew it was blood because of the smell. Afterwards, I put a pad on and maybe a half an hour later while I was doing laundry, I felt what felt like something coming out (like the feeling when you have your period and it comes out on to the pad) and when I went to the restroom there was a good amount of brown blood on the pad and when I wiped it was light brown. Yes, I am extremely worried now after doing some research online. So now my other issue is that when I went to use the restroom again, there was some light pink spots on the pad. What does this all mean? Is it something to worry about or am I just overreacting a little. This is my first pregnancy and I am terrified it might be worse then I am hoping. Please someone, please help me :(
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TropicalIsland 11/21/11 5:06 AM

ok, sorry so long but let me add to that: I am not spotting like light brown light pink spots on my pad now. I've used the restroom quite a few times tonight & its the same thing (light brown light pink spots). I tried changing my appointment date to an earlier day but no success. I can't go in as a walk-in because of my schedule at work.
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TropicalIsland 11/25/11 11:37 PM

First of all, let me just wish everyone a belated Thanksgiving Day! Ok, so today (11/26) during intercourse, I bled a little bit of the mucus like brownish blood. I used a pad afterwards and there is a small amount of the "brown blood" on it. When I went to use the restroom, there were excess mucus-like brown blood in the toilet. Can someone please tell me if this is normal or not because I am starting to get really worried that something is going to happen to my baby. :(

Guest 2/17/12 11:36 AM

i am the same
brandon evans

brandon evans 4/6/12 3:57 AM

PLEASE ANYBODY I NEED HELP NOW!!!!! I am freaking out, my girlfriend is supposed to start her flow on the 8th and tonight she experienced a few drops of brownish red blood. This doesnt add up at all. We had sex on the 24th and 25th, then again a week later. I NEVER came inside of her, i never felt it. But im confused. I've been up have the god damned night and everything points to implantation bleeding which is really scaring me. I swear to god i didnt cum inside her, i would've known but everything points to implantation bleeding. She gets her period the 8th and she bled last night on the 5th and nothing followed it. I'm sick to my stomach right now i dont know what to do. I never came inside her, i used the pull out method because we have no money for condoms. I reach climax but i never came inside of her, i always feel it coming and i pull out way before, i dont understand whats going on. Somebody please help me im confused, sick to my stomach losing sleep and i dont know how to help her. :'(

Guest 4/29/12 6:09 PM

Could be pregnant from pre cum, guys can't feel it and it only takes pre-cum to get a girl pregnant, a lot of my friends think I am and I feel like I am but I don't know whether I have implantation bleeding or my period right now.
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