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sex education

1. Hello, I'm 24 and I had protected sex in my unsafe period any chance I might get pregnant? 2. After having sex hours later I experienced severe lower abdominal pains is it normal? 3. I had little blood stains on my panties after having sex is it normal too?

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sexual pleasures

are there any one interested in telling their story of a MFM threesome

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Puberty penis

Is my penis small? When I'm soft my penis is usually 3.5-4in and when I'm hard it's from 5.5-6in I'm only 13. Is this bad or good?

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Pregnancy test

Hi my last periods date is 15 july. Alwaya my periods come before 5,6 of last date. Today is 18 august my periods still not come . I try prega news its shows negtive . I hace stomach pain back pain also plz rply Plz ???

User avatar AkhMuk

After menopause and family planning operated woman can conceive again ,

I am 40 years, from past 3 years no periods. Recently i lost my 15 yrs old son. Now we both husband n wife decided to have a child and I have done family planning too. Can I go for test tube baby

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Extreme poo body odor

I'm dealing with an extreme poo body odor and it's driving me nuts!!! I haven't been tested for TMAU but there's something going on! I don't go out in public anymore unless I have to go to an appointment! I'm too the point of being depressed I don't go anywhere, not even in a gas station, I have my...

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Delay in Mensual cycle

Hi. I am a sport player, so i had taken 2 norethisterone on 8th and 11th of August. My periods cycle date was 7th, as it didnt happen i had to take a pill for my sports final. After than i took an ipill on 13th. Now i am in dilemma, when would i get my periods. Can you suggest anything on this.

User avatar Anshul Jangra

Weight, Eating Disorders, Health

Hi! So I am 14 and I weigh 119 pounds (more or less) and I'm 5ft....sooo I feel really really fat :/  Here's the thing, I've been dealing with EDNOS for 3 years now, and my current weight is my "heathy weight/weight restored' but I just really don't know what to do! Plz help! 

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sexual problem

Sir my wife has catched my penis balls somewhat hardeeit is slightly paining and I'm not getting sexual feelings from then like before and my penis also not erecting like before what to do plz help me it happened 5 days before

User avatar Naveen

I scared

Is this something moving in my lower abdominal dangerous?

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