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Redness ,swollen clitoris hood an labia minora, Burning sensation when I pee,hurts to whipe

One day I woke up I don't excetly  remember but felt like a sharp pain in my vagina felt like I had to scratch it and my clitoris area too was itchy. A day or two later it hurt to pee like burning kinda but I've had a UTI before and when I went pee it hurt why worse . I didn't think...

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Started being really rude to me and doesnt wanna do anything unless it's to his convenience

My boyfriend at first was fine. He would play his games, I would come over, he would finish his game and than we would do something together. Now he completely is devoted to his Xbox and chatting with his friends. He literally started blocking me out when I try talking to him and if i distrupt his...

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Penile papules pearly

I have these small flesh colored dots all atounf the shaft of my penis they started appearing 2 to 3 years ago does this mean i have ppp and if so i csn get rid of it before it gets to bad

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Breasts feel engorged but not pregnant-43 IUD

i am 43 and had iud in march. My husband and I have unprotected sex all the time. I would have pregnancy symptoms but get my period every two weeks. However my breasts never feels normal. I've gotten 2 cup sizes and my aerola look swollen, my breast very sore and wanting relief. What is going...

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Is this normal???

So Im 14, I turn 15 in October, and I got my first ever period last week. On 20th or 21st of June I started to notice something brown while I was wiping while on the toilet, but it wasnt poo. On 22nd I had proper dark blood. Same thing the next day, proper dark blood. But then on 24th day only a...

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My period is a month late and im a virgin

Hi im 16 and my periods about a month late..... im a virgin and i have never done anything sexual with a boy except kiss. Im really really worried as its never this late...

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health problem

hi i am a 20 year old male and from one month now when i mastarbate my head shakes and i feel pain in my lower back can you please tell me some reasons why this is happening

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Early pregnancy symptoms and the pill?

I started taking the contraceptive pill 2 weeks ago and had unprotected sex on the 7th day when I think I should have waited until after the 7th day. I don't know if it's too early to develop symptoms but I've been feeling nauseous of a morning, my boobs are sore, I'm having menstrual cramps and I...

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a lot of little bumps and malformations around my vagina

HI, well today I look my vagina using a mirror and I have a lot of little bumps, and malformations, and little bumps that look like fingers, what the hell is this HELP ME PLEASEEEEE

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I heard that daily masturbation can prevent you from becoming the father in future. Is that true?

Sir I am 16yrs old and I do masturbation daily. In YouTube they are saying that those who masturbate daily they might face the problem in will deny to become father .is it correct?

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