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nipple sensitivity

I have less sensitive nipples.. Can I increase my nipple sensitivity without increasing the size of my breast..??

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Finger pain when urinating

Sometimes when I hold my urine for a while, and then urinate, my fingers hurt.  It has been happening for many years.  When I was younger, the sensation was almost pleasurable, but now it sometimes hurts or maybe just uncomfortable.  What is this, and what should I do about it?

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Coil came out

A bit tmi I was having a bath because I was bleeding lot more than I normally do and when I was cleaning my private part I noticed the plastic from the coil in my vagina and over the last few days I was having incredibly painful cramps to the point I couldnt move or I would collapse from the pain...

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Abortion after result is positive

I am pragnet after 5week so I can get cyctoct tables but nothing so I can get Cytopan tablets and bleed is rening 2days my paid is full and 3th days bleed is stoped after 5th days I checked pragnet stick the result is positive I want to result is nigitve plz help me doctor

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headache after cortizone shot in knee

3 hours from my cortizone shot in my knee, my head started hurting.  It is the next day and I have tried everything (advil), neck massage, warm pack.  This is not coincidence and more heed needs to be made to people with this reaction.  I have a very sensitive system and eat very...

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What is wrong with me??

I recently lost my virginity almost 2 and half weeks ago. I was wondering if it's normal to feel bloated and fat? My breast also feel firmer and heavier? I have a very irregular period as well so I'm terrified. I feel like my mind is playing tricks on me. Can someone help me, is this normal?

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Benzos stopped in 3 weeks

Protracted Benzo withdrawal

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tapering off suboxon

Im weaning off suboxon can I take withdrawal ease while weaning off?

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Constipation causes

Will constipation cause pain on the right side of the stomach when coughing

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questions sex

ok i what to say i had sex before i am 18 ok so i had a std that you could get rid of but never got tested for Hiv and other STDs and i am scared to get blood test done but i have had red bumps that appear and i also told my mom after she knew about me having but so she knew i...

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