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Sperms didn't come when masturbate

Hello there. I'm new for here.i have a big problem. I am 19 years old.But when i masturbate in there days,sperms didn't come.And also i have a kidney problem .There are two stones in my is gone and other one is still there.But i want to know what happend to my really...

User avatar Akash1998

I am gay but I want kids through having sex with a wife.

Okay, This may sound weird. I really don't know if it will or not. I am gay. But I want to have a girlfriend, and I want to have kids by having sex and not adopting or having someone do it for me. I know I am not bi, but I really want to have a loving wife. You don't need to get a boner when you...

User avatar ILoveToDraw

Is it likely that i am pregnant??

I’m 18. I recently just lost my virginity last month on the 16th at about 4am. It was unprotected so i took the generic plan B pill called “My way”, about 2 days and 18 hours later. Two weeks later, I had sex and then the week after that I did again. They were both protected and the last was...

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Unusual period.

I haven't had my period for 3 months. But 4 days ago I had a pinkish discharge. The next day it turned into light bleeding (I normally have a heavy flow). Suddenly, today my period picked up as if blood was pouring out of me with agonizing pain. I was sitting on the toilet at the time. When it...

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This is driving me crazy. I haven't had sex in 6 months, I have all symptoms of being pregnant, nausea, always sleepy, cravings, smell of food makes me sick, a little weight gain. However, I haven't missed any periods, been to the hospital a few times, had ultrasound done but I'm not pregnant. No...

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Sexual help

Is it weird that milk is always squirting out my tits

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Did I just get my period?

Hi! So today after school I wiped and there was some red on the toilet paper - just a little. I kept doing it and there was more red! I thought I might have gotten my period but  I was confused because I  thought there was supposed to be something in my panties but there was NOTHING in my...

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Sex pregnancy related

Is abdominal pain 5 days after sex related to pregnancy?

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White substance overhead of penis with burning sensation

Hey there Today morning i noticed somesticky white substance over my penis head when i cleaned it up it formed up again witjin 4 hour and i had noticed same for 4 times a day by the day end i started feeling burning sensation over the peinal opening and that continued day long and still it...

User avatar Pruthvi gawade

Mirena IUD

I got my Mirena iud put in 5/01/2015 had my period still up till august 2015 which was my last period . I haven't had my period since than . End of September 2017 this year till today  october 19,2017  I have had very sore boobs , nausea , bad pain in my side of my stomach an pulling...

User avatar Jessica