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I have chronic fatigue and stomach problems after Epidural spine injection

I have chronic fatigue and stomach problems after injection. What can be done?

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Kidney stone surgery aftermath, I really don't want a cystoscopy which has been requested by doctor

Hello everyone  My name is paul and I've suffered from kidney stones all my life since my 20's I'm now 49 and I had a 9 mm stone  I needed surgery and they used a cystoscopy laser in my ureter When I woke up from surgery I was like thank you lord I'm still here lol I went...

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I'm scared that I won't be able to have a secret abortion

Hi I'm 14. And I might be pregnant with my friends baby not my boyfriends.  I cheated on my boyfriend (please don't judge I already regret it enough) with a boy from my school. We never actually had intercourse and in fact I am still a virgin but he may have gotten some pretty cum on my...

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7 Weeks Since Surgery, I do pee strongly but no longer large amounts

I have had some good weeks but not seeing the progress....I do pee strongly but no longer large amounts, just 5 or 6 ounces and then I have no more urge, but I do that 6 or 7 times per day. I am dry all night and get up just 2 times  vs 6 or 7 but the diapers are getting flooded and urine leaks...

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we were touching each others genitals and she got spotting after period

Me and my girlfriend were fooling around in the bed and we were touching each others genitals, maybe i had some cum on the tip of my penis and it touched the outside of her vagina, this was 2 weeks after 5 days of  her menstruation, a week later its like she had a spotting (blood came out of...

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stomach pulling in like a reverse breath, it's some kind of spasm

Has anyone ever had their stomach just kind of spasm in? it's a weird feeling, but I've had it a few times in the last few months. Almost feels like its pulling in on a reverse breath.

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Why do I always discharge like non stop and its getting a little heavy?

I GOT A QUESTION I'm a female first and foremost and like I'm young 15 year old young and I like to ask a question: Why do I always discharge like non stop and it getting alittle heavy.... it weird it started when I was in middle school 6th grade and now I'm still having it I never got my period...

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Spotting 4 days after my period ended, this is the first time it happened

Hi I'm just wondering what does it mean when you spot 4 days after your period ended and I never had any spotting before after my period is done I had my period on the may 15 and ended on may 21 and today 26 I noticed a dark red mucus on my underwear and when I cleaned there was blood on the...

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Thick white creamy discharge, it's not a yeast infection

For almost a year now I've been going through hel with my vagina at this point I just want a new one. So where do I start. March of last year I took plan b had crazy side effects for about 3 months, bleeding discharge and mood swings. I do not take birth control. The longer I had the symptoms I...

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Mild pain and swelling of the vulva

I've been noticing that about 10 days or so around my period, an area of my vulva swells up and becomes sore. If I press that area, it hurts. The pain is mild and subsides in a day and is followed by milky discharge. The first time I noticed this was after I took a contraceptive Plan B pill, in...

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