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3 moles near the cap of penis

hi friend my name is Salman my pines have 3moles near cap. I want know mean pls if know tell me truth mean not kidding 

User avatar sulman

Brownish-Orangeish Toned Spots Around My Vaginal Area

I am a sixteen year old girl and I absolutely hate shaving my pubic hair as it takes a long time, I always end up accidentally cutting myself, and the hair grows back so quickly. Sometime in October I decided to try waxing. I didn't want to get it professionally done because I didn't like the...

User avatar rory

How to make masturbation toy for girls

I wanna make a sex toy for myself... I can't buy one and I don't want my parents to know, How can I make one?

User avatar Please Help

What could be the possible causes of near fainting?

What could be the possible causes of near fainting? So I should probably see a doctor.....but here goes..... When you are fine, then start to feel hot and ill, 50 minutes later spin and lose vision, and have a low heart rate and can notice heartbeats in the chest? Then it goes away after 5-6...

User avatar tommo12341

We used a condom and it never broke or tore

I had sex for the first time this weekend, and now im terrified that im pregnant. We used a condom and it never broke or tore but im still scared. Im not on any birth control at the moment but Iv thought about picking up a morning after pill just to ease my mind a little. I really think im over...

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How often do you tell the truth?

Not with life in general, because that answer SHOULD be "always" ( :oops: ). I'm refering to job interviews - when they ask you why you left your previous position, do you ever actually come clean about your problems with said job?

User avatar RunsLikeAGirl

Air from my trachea and cough during the night after the Thyroidectomy

A week ago, I had both lobes removed (so large they went up to my ears) I am having some really scary things going on. 1: there is air that comes out my trachea when you push on the incision area. After telling my surgeon (the next day) she then pushed and said "it's like there's a small hole...

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Bump on the side of my tongue with a hole in middle of it

It's been  there 2 week bump on side of tongue with hole in middle of it

User avatar Audrey

3 years after the removal of implanon and I still cannot get pregnant

I wason implanon for 3 years they took it off on oct 2014 and now its 2017 and i haven't been able to get pregnant could the implanon affected me ?

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I had an abortion because baby stopped developing, but I got off birth control because of heart

Ok so I had a abortion 7 days ago I had sex last night I hated to have a abortion but the baby stopped developing I had no choice an now I'm freaking out i can't get on birth control due to recent heart problems so this is why I ended up like this in first place but I took a plan b the same night...

User avatar Brianna