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Sex symptoms

My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex about 2 days ago. He is infertile. He said he didn't cum inside of me or anything but I've been bloated and having period like cramps since but I'm not due for my period for a little bit. Should I be worried ??

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Tips for Bank Exam

Tips For Cracking Bank Po Exam

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Students qualities

What are the Qualities Of A Successful Student ?

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avoid to pregnancy medicine.

Hi,  Periods time 23/06/2017 last date, but couple sex time 01/07/17 & wf use for  pills , than second time sex  but periods time not schedule , plz help me solve this issue & at time not given baby plz medicine name . plz   

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14 with Penile Adhesions?

Hi, I'm 14 and circumcised and I have 3 penile adhesions. No, I am not mistaking these with the frenulum. One is on the side and the other one is on the front, and the last one is under the one on the front. I used to have a few more but they were much thinner and stringier, if that makes sense, so...

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Could i be pregnant?

I had unprotected sex and then 30 mins later we had unprotected sex again but he didnt cum,it was a day before my ovulation day, could i be pregnant?

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upper abdomen spasm

i,ve been haveing muscle spasm sents 2003 in my sides and upper abdomen its like contraction what could be causeing it

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Endoscopy test

What is erythema,friability and granularity found in stomach.

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Clear substance oozing out of my penis

Hey, I'm 14, just finished masturbating and yes I do have semen coming out already but I have this clear sticky substance oozing out of my penis without my control. I don't know what this is? First time this is happening to me. Should I be worried?

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Penis size

I am 27 year old and my penis size is 2.5 inches in normal and 4.6 in erect it small or okay. Can I satisfied my partner?

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