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My Penis is small

So I've been masterbating and ejaculating since im 13 and 6 moths and no im 14 and 2 months and my penis has still not grown i have pubic hair and armpitt hair but my penis has still not grown but my testicles have whats wroung?

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Masturbating with enlarged spleen

So I've been sick for about two months with what they I think it is mono or a bad virus this cost me to have an enlarged spleen and I was wondering if this could've been because of masturbation and can I still masturbate with an enlarged spleen?

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3 years after the removal of implanon and I still cannot get pregnant

I wason implanon for 3 years they took it off on oct 2014 and now its 2017 and i haven't been able to get pregnant could the implanon affected me ?

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I had an abortion because baby stopped developing, but I got off birth control because of heart

Ok so I had a abortion 7 days ago I had sex last night I hated to have a abortion but the baby stopped developing I had no choice an now I'm freaking out i can't get on birth control due to recent heart problems so this is why I ended up like this in first place but I took a plan b the same night...

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I took a Plan B, but could I still be pregnant?

A week after my period ended I had sex and he penetrated for a while before putting on a condom. Two days later we had sex again and the condom broke but he was hardly penetrated. I took a Plan B pill about 5 hours later. 5 days after that I started spotting for a couple of days. I looked it up and...

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Eye blurriness, light headed, brain fog, nauseous

Since October been about 5 months I have been seeing so many doctors. Been very nauseous, neck pain, my eyes are terrible, see lots of blur everyday, and I've had 20/20 vision all my life.  Blood tests, MRI on my neck, CAT scan on brain has been good.   ...

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Banjo string problem, I cannot fully pull my foreskin back

I'm 16 and have a smaller amount of foreskin that others with doesn't seem to cause me problems, But I do think I may have a problem with my "banjo string" as I'm not sure if I'm able to fully pull my foreskin back and I'm very worried due to my gf looking to do things...please someone help 

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Anal rhagads & sphincter spasm [25/f/171cm/55kg/caucasian] [+ photos]

I'm 25, female, 171 cm tall, weigh 55 kg, white, suffering from anal tears and defecation issues, living in the UK and I've been having problems with my behind since childhood but it got worse in my teens. I don't take any medication or have other relevant medical conditions apart from skin around...

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Unprotected sex 3 weeks after abortion?

Hi! So bear with me here. I had a surgical abortion just over 3 weeks ago at 18 weeks I was so far on as I had medical issues intervene sadly. I started a combined pill named microgynon 6 days ago. I haven't had a period since late august of 2016 apart from obvious bleeding after the termination....

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Head pressure and pain

For about 75yrs now I've been having this unexplainable pain in my head that started rear lower right side and now has moved to top center n sometime right side also eye pain has begun. It feels like pressure building up and yet there's a slight pain with it. When I stand up my head begins to feel...

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