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Non Stop menstruation for 2 mthI

My mothers suffering from this type problem could be cure

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How do I know if it's my period or spotting?

So before I had sex for the first time last weekend, my period was already late about a week. Last time I got my period was February 11. I took plan b on the march 20th, 30 hours after unprotected sex, however i don't know when to expect my period. Today, now a week since I took plan b,...

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Low dose opiates or opoids for severly major depressed after ECT shocks.

Can the above help the patients to reduce emotional pain and improve well being including functionality? Anyone has tried if nothing helped?

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Help! I have had a tubal. I am 3 weeks late for AF.

Hello I need some help. I had a tubal 3 years ago, but I am 3 weeks late for my period, I have alot of lower back pain and full back pain too. I just started having brown/pinkish discharge, only when I wipe though. I dont really feel well either, as I normally dont when I am pregnant.  I really...

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herpes or rough sex

I had unprotected sex 2 weeks ago and a week ago. Last Monday I was in so much pain I could not sit down. My vagina was burning and itching. It hurt/burned when I urinated. The pain was on the outside of my labia and felt like it was deep in my vagina as well. I do not have and stomach or lower...

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Ball on my right testicle, it is squishy and pretty big

i have a ball o I've my right teste. It's squishy and pretty big. Is it bad?

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TTC for 2 yrs

Hi everyone iam new here and I have a problem.I had severe pains in my breast just shortly after ovulation,some few days b4 my period I lost all the pregnancy symptom's. Now I've missed my period for 2days and I am severe cramp on the left side of my tummy,the sensitivity in my breast is gone and my...

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tinge color spotting in underwear but without odor

tinge color blob in toilet, tinge color in toilet paper after wiped and tinge color spotting in underwear. No odor. Had hysterectomy 15 years ago. Should I be concerned? 

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How to Make Thin Skin Thicker?!

I know that some amount of skin thinning is normal and perhaps even inevitable with age. Still, there are many things that you can do to improve cell turnover. I am wondering if any of those things actually do thicken the skin? My skin is looking a bit thinner and of course I looked up...

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How to clean a dick

I have recently discovered that around my penis I was feeling very itchy and when I check I see nothing wrong but I feel very itchy I always wash my balls every time but I discovered that after I shaved I saw small things that are eating my blood they are the reason I feel so itchy around my balls...

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