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Masturbation worries and alcohol

I am over 30 years and I do drink and masturbate alot, which has lead me to sexual performances failure alot of times,please what would I do ,to re gain my full sexual performance, even right now,I have sexual anxiety

User avatar giwahusseini

Herbs for mild to moderate general anxiety.

Does anyone know of any good, safe herbs for anxiety? I realize all herbs are unsafe for pregnant or nursing women and children under three . I am a woman but none of those contraindications fit me.

User avatar mugwort

I am allergic to all antibiotics!

I am so glad I am not alone!!! No one in my town has ever heard of this!!!  I am allergic to all antibotics. I am a teacher and fear everyday. I am going to Mayo in 3 weeks.  I have been pretending it isn't true but then I remember it is.

User avatar Guest

Sleep Anxiety. How can I stop it from ruining my sleep every night?

So a couple months ago, I developed nighttime anxiety, where I would have trouble sleeping, realize that I had trouble sleeping every night, then have a panic attack because I thought I would never be able to sleep soundly like I used to (before this came on). It originally started because I have...

User avatar CS7599

is pregnancy without fallopian tubes possible?

Helo, can i get pregant without fallepion tubes im really confused.

User avatar nemushi82

really bad panic attacks while driving especially on expressway

Hi...I suffer feom really bad panic attacks while driving especially on expressway.. Any recommendations on how to deal with this? 

User avatar Guest

waking up every day with blocked sinus, especially on the right side of face

Wakeup every morning with blocked sinitus, especially on right side of face.  Stays with me all day.

User avatar Jogger

Pain in left side of stomach and sensitive waist

I got pain in my left side of my stomach and my waist film sensitive

User avatar carmen

Can stress cause you to bite your lips, cheeks, or nails?

Hi, I broke up with my boyfriend last month and we're now both in the process of trying to find a new apartment while still living together for now. Things have been really, really stressful lately. I always had a bit of a nail biting habit not really out of stress I think but don't know, just...

User avatar Shayna9