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Swollen Vag Lip

I really need help I'm female 12 and I masturbate with the water pressure on my shower head, I read some of the other things and I now feel better know that other people my age do this kind of thing. I have a swollen vag lip kinda think near the hole and it doesn't hurt or itch or anything like that...

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what does this mean?

im 13 and I noticed the stickey, slimy stuff in my underwear and when I go to the bathroom it just pours out what is it and what does it mean (I have never had my period) plz answer because I am confused and am a little worried. <3

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Why doesnt anyone in the USA treat Fordyce spots with micro punch technique?

Please help me. These bumps are killing me slowly inside. Who does this micropunch technicque in the USA? 

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Broken hymen

I slept with my gf I just pushed once my Penni's into her vagina she resulted in bleeding, and I feared and I stopped, while inserting into her my Penni's was dry ,is thr is any chance of getting pregnancy ,pls help me

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period problems

so i finished my period 9 days ago, and today when i woke up i was bleeding. it looked like normal blood like i bormally get on my period but it's a much lighter flow than usual. the last timw my boyfriend and i had sex was maybe 7 days ago, what does this mean? 

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broked hymen

I just slept with my gf n suddenly I just pushed once my Penni's into her vagina ,my Penni's was dry and her hymen broked n she bleeded ,after this I was feared and n I quite ,is thr any chances of pregnancy

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Had Protected sex and used withdrawal method during my safe period. Could I still be pregnant?:(

Hello I'm 16 years old and had sex on 26th of April and soon got my periods on 31st of April.The thing is we had safe sex,We used a condom and withdrawal method, and I was in my safe period too.I'm pretty much freaked out that I might end up being pregnant because I have this pain in my stomach and...

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Can Pre cum and fingering causes pregnacy ?

Hey can i get my gf pregnant because of pre cum on my hand ? The thing that i remember she gave me a bj and i'm going go toilet to wash the tip (yes i touched my tip and the hole of my penis with my finger) and then i wipe my penis using a towell with my left hand (the hand that i use to touch my...

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The cure for HIV is here

The cure for HIV is here contact me I am a living testimony, was just tested negative today, please don't be shy, i can help you greatly. hope to read from you soon.

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Question about my piercings

I've have had my nipples pierced for exactly a week today but my left nipple is bruised and swollen and I both my nipples have been itching for a while now. But should I be concerned about this?

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