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Stuck on Subs

No war story here... just trying to find the courage and fortitude to quit.  I've been on subs on/off, mostly on for 3+ yrs... never made it more than a month without falling back to percs, oxys, thinking w/d from those would be quicker.   I think it's my job as the reason for...

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Period delay

Last month I had unprotected sex nd tuk I pill on D same day.. Nd I got very early period.. Dis month also I had unprotected sex but I didn't take I pill.. My normal period date is on 15th Bt still I didn't get my period.. I had a home pregnancy testnd it came negative.. Wt is d solution

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Tetnus shot on upper buttock

It's almost two days since tt shot, yet the agonizing pain during waking or sitting, and odd pinching or stinging sensation on the shot location, i had one on shoulder maybe 7 years ago the stiffness when in a while, never do i want to take any shot on thigh or buttocks. 

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A question

Ok so i have a question i got  the 500mg  azithromycin on tuesday this week nd yesterday on Wednesday i had sex nd today which is Thursday i barley took the pills today and i want to know does it affect anything? 

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Ticking in ear

I recently got over a ear infection.And I took my full course of antibiotics. I now have this annoying ticking sound in the ear that was infected. What is causing this ? And can it be fixed ? Or will it go away eventually?

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Masterbation help

How can I have sex or masterbate without my parents knowing? I am 12 btw! Please answer!!

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Has anyone had a Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

I'm supposed to have a laparoscopic hysterectomy in just a few weeks. Has anyone had one and could give me some input on what to expect? Like, how long does the procedure take, how long do I have to stay in the hospital, how long do I need to be off? The doctor has give. Me some information, but I'd...

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Impact of tonsillectomy

My name is Dendup and i am from Bhutan. I had my tonsil removed on 28th December 2017 under general Anaesthesia due to repeated infections. After a week i had bleed from the tonsillectomy site and had to go for cauterization on 4 th January. I was told that i have got infection. Again after two days...

User avatar Dendup

Darker Bump on Butt

I have this little bump on my butt that is darker that I thought was a pimple that got bruised because I tried to pop it. It's been there for about a month and I just wanna know what it is.

User avatar Rachel Leishman

upper abdominal pain right sight at one point last 3 months

my age is 40 (F). I have 11 years old son and my delivery was normal . six year ago, i had golblader stone in my stomach . so, Dr. did opration that time. I have upper abdominal pain right side at one point for last 3 months. Swelling also visible some time.  I...

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