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What does it feel like to have sex

What does it feel like to have sex give me all the details

User avatar Alana19

Ive been bleeding for 6 an a half months

I’ve been in my period the last 6 1/2 months with a total of probably two weeks off scattered I have massive pains sometimes when pressure is on my stomach and my stomach bloats extreme e amounts for no reason as well sometimes it’s lucky if I can hold down food but Lately the blood has...

User avatar Samantha

Weird Mark On penis

Weird red mark on tip of penis, picture attached. The mark is not itchy, not painful, and feels kind of rubbery. I don't feel any other symptoms. What could this be and how long until it goes away?

User avatar Kor_Binary

Abnormal periods after cryotherapy

Abnormal periods after cryotherapy on cervix? I had cryotherapy in July and ever since then, my periods have been very dark brown, thick, and only last a couple of days. Before cryo my periods were normal, red, started on wednesdays and ended on saturdays. I'm just concerned and I'm away from home...

User avatar Guest

Miracle Weightloss

So a week ago I was 112lbs, now I am 100lbs. What even? No idea how I did that. But I am loving it, I'm closer to my UWG.

User avatar anadgx

Loose skin on penis

I don't know if this is normal or not but I have a loose foreskin hanging behind the head of my penis. I'm 14 and since being circumcised 2 yrs ago I have a problem with this. It doesn't hurt but it's just really awkward because when I started watching porn mine looks different than other guys since...

User avatar Guest

Sex me now

Am alone want to have sex

User avatar Guest

Red spots

I have these little red spots all over my legs and feet they dont itch jist there and its weird i don't know what they are. I just got mine recently. Can anyone help Thanks. 

User avatar Andrea W

Bleeding of prostinior

Have been bleeding going to two weeks after taking prostinior 2, what should I take

User avatar Ayomide Ayeyemi