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Thick white creamy discharge, it's not a yeast infection

For almost a year now I've been going through hel with my vagina at this point I just want a new one. So where do I start. March of last year I took plan b had crazy side effects for about 3 months, bleeding discharge and mood swings. I do not take birth control. The longer I had the symptoms I...

User avatar Diamondtiera

Mild pain and swelling of the vulva

I've been noticing that about 10 days or so around my period, an area of my vulva swells up and becomes sore. If I press that area, it hurts. The pain is mild and subsides in a day and is followed by milky discharge. The first time I noticed this was after I took a contraceptive Plan B pill, in...

User avatar Gira

I can't ejaculate and that scares me!

Hello, im 13 and my birthday was in January. I am well into the art of masturbating but i cant ejaculate it scares me. i have little arm pit hair and no pubes yet when i do masturbate nothing happens i feel good at the end but nothing comes up. HELP PLEASE!

User avatar guest

I had unprotected intercourse but my boyfriend pulled out, I've been off my pill

I've been on birth control for a couple mo the now, I saw my period on May 10 -16th , which was on a Wednesday I think ... however I was away from home and I've been off my pill since then .... I had unprotected sex w/my boyfriend but he pulled out .... what are the Chances of me being pregnant ?

User avatar Bree

I am able to produce semen but can not masturbate to orgasm

I'm currently 15 years old and I am unable to reach a point of orgasming when I try and masturbate. I have no problem maintaining a boner or feeling turned on, and I'm sure I can produce semen as I have a wet dream about every month. Not sure if it's some kind of psychological problem but I don't want...

User avatar Guest

Am I A Lesbian? I started fantasizing about girls but never been with one

I'm 16 and I've had boyfriends in the past but they never really lasted that long. I've been looking at girls and I've fanasized about girls recently but I've never actually been with a girl. I'm really confused about this and I'm scared to talk to my parents. I need help.

User avatar Midnight13

Mass and pain on left flank which is very tender

Looking for help with lump and severe pain near left flank. It's been going on for months and is now much worse.  I have a mass on my left flank and is very tender, i cant lay on my left side becsuse of the pain. My left side is also swollen, but it's hard to see as i am overweight. I've...

User avatar DrkZero87

Unusual White thick discharge with no smell or burning

I have white thick discharge with no smell no itch or burning   ive been off my period I've never had this before....kind of nervous never had this before.....

User avatar Guest

At what age girl gets a white discharge?

What Age Does A Girl grt white discharge

User avatar Guest

Does anyone ever experienced a crick in their head?

Does anyone ever experienced a crick in their head? I know that sounds crazy but it's like a crick in your neck or a cramp in a muscle but only in your head I have never talked with anyone about it but it's getting so bad in the back of my head it looks like I'm going to have to. I  was...

User avatar Tammy