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Missed my period with PCOS

I was dignosed with Pcos June 2016 , i was having irregular Periods But since October started to have regular period 28 days cycle , December i had my period on the 23rd for 4 days . January the 8,9& 10 i had dark brown discharge , i thought it was implantation , i have been waiting for my...

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What song hurts you more?

J-Lo's 'Jenny from the block' or Christina Aguilera's 'I am Beautiful'. They both hurt me...physically. joel

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Issue with my penis

My penis to is hard but I'm not erected is that a problem? Because I just spontaneously just happened when I got back from the doctors. 

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getting boners in the shower at school.

are you dealing with erections during your Sports and find that boners appear during showering. I did and they are real embarrassing. I always get boners when I am seeing other boys around me nude. have you ever boned up while having a shower with your class mates. tell us all what you did about...

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Need for kidney transplantation

My friend is suffering from both the kidney failure,one of the kidney is working at 20% ,is there any treatment to make it function normally that is 100%, is there any need of kidney transplantation

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Need for kidney transplantation

My friend is suffering from kidney failure, one of the kidney is working at 20%, is this can be cured to function normally (100%) without transplantation, is there any need of kidney transplantation 

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Pimples inside vagina?

ok.  when i shave i get little pimples and like bumps on my vagina and stuff (normal i think) but like inside my vagina i have small white like 'pimple' things and they release like white stuff,, idk im 15 btw and sexually active! help?? is it a std or something ive had them for like ever...

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Testicle pain.

I am 64 and have had problems with my testicles since I was 18 years old. My testicles kept swelling and my left testicle developed a varicose seal which has been surgically blocked off twice but has cleared again, I am still in constant pain with it, it is like a burning pain. I have...

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can I be pregnant after this??

So I been confused recently about my body changes, my ''monthly '' time was due on the 10th of December and was four days late, but it was lighter than usually and had increased hunger before my period was due! Normal but it felt different! I took one first response early test and came back neg. I...

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little white bumps vagina??

so like I've had these bumps forever... and I can squeeze them and white stuff comes out and they haven't freaked any of my partners out? IDK what they are..I'm just kind of worried now cause what if it's a disease or something

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