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What's the average weight and penis size for a person of my size

I just turned 15 about a month ago on the 6th of Sept. and my penis size is about 5 inches when i push down the fat thingy. is it normal to be 5 inches and be fat. im 6ft tall and 249 pounds with a 5 inch penis. Whats the average weight for a person my size and whats the average penis size for a...

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unresponsive nipples, my wife has no feeling in them

my wife nipples have no feeling in them what so ever can u help in any way pls

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I am 13 and get really horny regularly, is this normal?

I'm 13 and I get really turned on, and I'm just wondering wether this is normal. I masturbate with my hands and I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on what else to use?

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i have had white thick discharge for the last few years, usually a lot. I haven't had my period yet

I'm 13 years old and i'm in 7th grade. ever since i was 9 years of age i have had a white thick discharge, usually a lot. I haven't had my period yet. I don't know if this is normal. Can any of you tell me whats wrong?

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What foods you need to avoid if you are having acid reflux/heartburn?

hello. I am eating almost everything. I eat healthy good, fast food, delicious foods, I don't choose. Thank God I have an amazing metabolism so I am not fat at all. But I think that this diverse food caused some health problems. mostly with my GI tract. I was diagnosed with heartburn and my doctor...

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What are the best natural remedies for heartburn and severe acid reflux?

hello. For the last year, I am using some antibiotics, pills, I don't know what to do to get rid of heartburn that I was diagnosed exactly one year ago. I think that I don't feel any progress, even if my doctor told me that there is a progress. I just can't see it. I am really into to find some...

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What are the best foods to include in your diet to get rid of acid reflux?

since I am aware of my look and my body shape, I follow some diet program. no success, but maybe this is because I am on some diet program for 10 days and next two days when I am about to get my period, I eat like a crazy person. don't know what to do about this, but my doctor told me that, since I...

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How to Get Rid of Heartburn Naturally Without Antacids?

Hey guys, so I am 27 years old and I was always a healthy girl. I never had any problems with my health, nothing was bothering me, but when I had this routine exam for my job, I find out that I have something that is called a heartburn. My doctor tried to explain to me, but I haven't listened to him...

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What are the signs and symptoms of acid reflux and what diet you recommend to get rid of it?

Hello guys. According to some things that I was reading about acid reflux, it seems to me that I am dealing with this thing. I really don't know if this true, I made an appointment with my doctor, but I have to wait more than 10 days...and 10 days more to have the results. So, I want to know...

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My vagina hurts in the inside and now i have bumps

I masturbated about a week ago with the handle of a wooden mallot. It’s not wood-wood, it was painted and glossed. I masturbate roughly with it the past months, and since i love it rough, i’d masturbate even when it hurts. But then last week my vagina started to get irritated and it felt like...

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