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One sided blocked nose with smelly mucus, kinda white water dripping with continuous itching sneezin

I've been going through one sided nose block for over a year now, applied allergy medications, sprays but the itching and smelly mucus never stop. went to healthcare center, said some blockage and i applied all they prescribe but remains the same... At times when am stressed and face down mucus...

User avatar Lanred7

Tonsillectomy during breast feeding

I need tonislectomy but i nurse my four month old baby.i tried bottles but she doesn't like bottles.i pumped my milk but nothing works for me.even i trief 4-5 brands.what can i do??

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Abortion.. on birth certificate control pill 3week gobe but no period

I had my surgical abortion 3 weeks ago 4 th week running... after 18th days of abortion i had fst intercourse (unprotected pull out). From the first day of abortion i am on pill...and on 4 th week today i had another intercourse with same pull out method.. i have no symptoms of period.. I'm...

User avatar Airwave

Smoking and antibiotics

Can a smoker still smoke even while on antibiotics.... pls I need to know 

User avatar Kemzie

I have a fish bone stuck in my throat

I have a small fish bone stuck in my throat is most of my I was able to put my finger there and feel it I was trying to eat bread swallowing water banana marshmallow everything I could find to try and push it down instead of pushing it down and out it got stuck in the Flesh of My throat I can't...

User avatar Mary

Unusual vaginal discharge

About august last year I noticed I started getting unusual discharge. It was about a week before I got my period and it smelt a little bit funny compared to usual, was a bit uncomfortable down there and the discharge was a bit lumpy and green/yellowish. It started at a time when I was...

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Periods and utis

Hello, this i my first time posting on the forums. (: Well about this Saturday (the 22nd) I started having cramping like pain in my lower abdominal region. I dismissed it as just one of those aches and pains. Well Sunday rolls around and it gets worse, when the pain really hit I layed down...

User avatar cheyenne rowlands

Constant Urge to Pee?? UTI?

Constant Urge to pee Hi I'm a 14 Year Old and it seems like I have UTI? I get constant urge to pee, I tries to empty my bladder but it just comes again after I goes out of my bathroom?? Sometimes it feels like its leaking out but it isn't, sometimes I find that I can't fully empty my bladder? I...

User avatar FinestBro GT

Coming off birth control feeling depressed and anxiety

Hey guys! I know this forum isn't as active anymore but I'm looking for some reassurance. I came off of Yasmin about 2 months ago after being on birth control for 3 months. I was on a generic ortho tri cyclin and then switched to Yasmin and my world turned upside down. I felt as if I was losing...

User avatar Momo1999

can I get an infection?

Me and my boyfriend had sex on Sunday and when he pulled out there was no condom on we thought it might have fell off so we looked around my bedroom and the bed sheets and there was nothing and we thought it might have been in me so I googled it and it said to stick my fingers in and try to find it...

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