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Abdominal pain in the middle and right side of my stomach

Friday 4pm suddenly walk up that I have a pain in  middle of abdomen and in right side of my stomach plus sometimes middle upper part.Sometimes it's hurt more, sometime less. It's hurts more when I walk, band, or chough, laughing. No high temperature, no burning wee, no nausea.Somtimes, no high...

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NUVARING and panic attacks

my daughter who is 15 has started taking NUVARINg 2 months ago. After the 3rd week we noticed changes in mood and anxiety. After about a month she started having full blown panic attacks which occurred daily. She never had them before. Her mood swings are very acute. Only recently we have made...

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masterbation as a teen

I'm using a electronic toothbrush, but it gets me pleasure to fast... and I have to stop... what should I do..?

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vaginal lips are outward and farther down than usual

I was masturbating one night and my vaginal lips were fine after masturbating they are now outward and farther down and Won't go back in. They wernt like this before and it instantly happened when I was done. Is it swollen? Is there something wron? Is there anything I can do to fix it other than...

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skin around the back of my vagina/ perineum area has been irritated to the point of pain

I have been having this issue where the skin around the back of my vagina/perineum area has been irritated to the point of pain. The skin there looks split and the pain is intense. I can barely move without wanting to cry. The problem started 2 days ago after I had sex with my husband and we thought...

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Donate one of my balls

 How do I donate one of my  balls for money 

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i went to be placed on birth control and found out that I have a chlamydia

Olay so i went to the dr to get put on brith control and i wanted to get check for anying and they told me that i had chlamydia so Thursday i went to the dr they give me 4 pill to take i was felling a lot better. I waited a week to have sex so the next Thursday that night i had sex. Everthig thing...

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Should I see a gp

Hi I am 26 years old for the past week I have been experiencing constant heartburn nausea and tight chest with shortness of breath .. I have been treating the heartburn with antacids but it does not work. I can feel the burn inside my tummy ... But just after it began ... My period has been acting...

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what is Breast Cancer life expectancy? her cancer spead to arm, lungs and lymph nodes

My Aunt has stage 3-4 breast cancer that's spread to her arm, lungs,and lymph nodes/glands but she's getting treatment. What is her life expectancy now?

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significant weight gain, depression, leg cramps and mood swings since my parathyroid surgery

Hi, I had one parathyroid removed three yrs ago. I have had significant weight gain, depression, stiffening leg cramps sometimes, can't tolerate cold and terrible mood swings. Are these symptoms caused due to the parathyroid removal. Your opinion will be appreciated.

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