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Ivf treatment

hi ladies i have done ivf day 5 embryo transfer and on a day 2 transfer i had ny medication after 3 minutes i did vomiting I don't know what is that sign for? I am very upset for that.I am praying that everything should go good finger crossed thank you

User avatar Kaur

Scared of pregnacy

My boyfriend and I had sex for the first time. We did not use a condom due to the lack of mobility to get to a store and buy one. There was no pre-cum and he pulled out and went to the bathroom to finish. Is there any way i could get pregnant?

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Masturbation tips

I'm a 16 year old girl that wants to masturbate but doesn't know how. I've done the fingering side of things but that doesn't work with me. I've heard about pillow humping, how do you do that

User avatar Masturbator2010

HUGE hard blood clot looking thing out of throat

For many years I have been complaining that I felt like I had something stuck in my throat, doctors always told me it was my anxiety. Well, just the other day this HUGE, a little over 2 inches long and about an inch wide, lump that looked like a blood clot. It was a bit hard, almost like a sticky...

User avatar MLRT

Total hysterectomy and pain

Is it normal to have a pocket of fluid after a total hysterectomy and will the pain get better

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Little blood in saliva

Hi pls tell is there any issue as i had little blood in my saliva since lastweek 2 times just

User avatar Rajdeep malhotra

tongue piercing?

puss keeps coming out my tongue piercing and it has two lumps on either side what can this be please help and also my tongue ripped abit more could that be the cause?

User avatar chloetravers02

Implantation bleeding?

I'm on Vestura and have been for 4 years. My last period started May 28-29 and then I had intercourse around June 6. Yesterday (June 22) I wiped and saw brown bloody discharge, it was kind of a lot so I put in a tampon. This morning, I took it out and there was more brown discharge on it, and what...

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Chronic right upper chest pain

I do have chronic pain in the right side of my chest it's almost ten years what is it

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Weird symptoms including potential varicosele, please help

About 4 days ago whilst on holiday I started noticing a slight discomfort in my scrotum and upon examining it i felt a small swelling around the region where the veins are for my left testicle, researched suggested it could be a varicosele as it is painless although I still notice...

User avatar Sam123456