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Want a baby at 50

Can I get pregnant or get fertilized eggs from my 22 years old daughter to have a baby?

User avatar Baze

My penis foreskin wont retract

I have a small bridge of skin connecting my foreskin and the head of my penis. Its connects at the bag of my penis. I masturbate regularly and am 14 years old. I cant pull my foreskin below my head because that bridge stops it. I can urinate perfectly fine also. If anyone knows what this is and...

User avatar idahhabalea

Painful lumps or bumps

Painful lumps or bumps under the skin of my vagina outer walls come up stay for a week or more go way but come back in the same place after a couple months or more what is that plz

User avatar Hart

Just wanted to know if MI girlfriend is a virgin or not

How do i know if she's a virgin

User avatar Jay21

Period Delayed 20 days

Hi , we had unprotected sex on the 7th day of period and its almost 20 days delayed on the due date .that time i took I pill and we tested more then 10 times and its negative .But i m not getting my period .is thr any meadcine available to get my period .   Regards,...

User avatar Suneeta

Enlarged veins/epididymis

So for the past year ive been feeling enlarged veins and what seems to be an enlarged epididymis, ive been to a doctor and they have informed me that the veins are varecoceles so im not to worried about that as i know ut does not cause very many problems but ive also known that i have a cord like...

User avatar Valo

Nausea symptoms

I feel nauseous in the early morning and late night. Also when I drink water.

User avatar At543

Bleeding on pill after flight

I am on the pill and only half way through my packet. I just got off a 2 hour flight and had blood in the bathroom! Should I be worried? I am freaking out and think something serious could be wrong with me??

User avatar Guest

breast acne

hey, I'm pretty young I'm a freshmen in high school and I'm getting acne and acne scars around by breast area ( in between ) . Is this normal, how can I get rid of it?

User avatar kelsey77

Had unprotected sex and then started my period the next day.

I'm 19 years old and I'm really nervous about being pregnant I was late on getting my period and then me and my boyfriend had Unprotected sex last night and then this morning I started my period could I be pregnant?

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