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How to clean a dick

I have recently discovered that around my penis I was feeling very itchy and when I check I see nothing wrong but I feel very itchy I always wash my balls every time but I discovered that after I shaved I saw small things that are eating my blood they are the reason I feel so itchy around my balls...

User avatar Shaun

I had my period a week ago and now im spotting light red

I had my period a week ago and I woke up today crampping and lower back pain and lower abdominal pain I went to the bathroom and I saw that I was spotting light red  my husband suggeted a pregnancy test so I took one and it was negative. I would like some knowledge in...

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Could i be pregnant or over reacting

I need period lasted 4 days last month in Feb 28 to March 3. My husband and I are trying to make a baby I had tried pre seed 4x within the month of March. I usually have my period anytime from the 20-26. This morning I woke up and my breast was lactating. I been feeling tired then...

User avatar Catalina

Showing up in my feces

This shows up in my feces and has a terrible smell. I also deal with constipation often even with a fiber rich diet.  ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** web addresses not allowed*** Please read our Terms of Use

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Urgent please help! I think I am pregnant

Please help!!! last night my boyfriend and I had sex  he used a condom but he found out this morning it broke. I asked him last night and he said it didn't don't worry. he didn't come inside me but he did come on my lower back  I'm afraid that I am pregnant and need advice asap...

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I 16 I still have not hit puberty

I have boner for 4 year it only come when I see girls and It like 1 inches when it not a boner but when it is its boner it isn 4 inches I want it to stay big and grow but it seems  like it never getting longer or grow but I want it to be soft to what should I do

User avatar Fratedo

Just had varicocele surgery

Hey guys just had varicocele surgery done two weeks ago it was pretty bad the pain seems to be getting worse instead of getting better went for follow up and the doc told me to give it two more weeks to see if it gets any better having pain run down my leg and up into my stomach groin area...

User avatar Travis

pressure and dizziness 24-7

I have pressure that builds while I stand and also when I sit, but then when I lay down, it still remains but feels more like fog and tingling of the nerves. I been to doctors and neurologists and 1 net but he didn't check me thoroughly. Daily I can only breathe out 1 nostril at a time and my...

User avatar tony

Acne like bump on my scrotum. Don't know what it is

Hello. So 2 weeks ago I noticed I had a acne like bump on right side of my scortum. I just asumed it was an acne so I popped it. But instead of the usual white stuff that comes out of an acne it was some brown-ish stuff. Maybe a combination of the white stuff and blood? Anyway 1 week ago, I saw it...

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heavy one day period

Hi has any one experienced a 1 day period - for the past year i  have just had one day periods ? it is very heavy for a day then gone- the consistency seems thinner than it used to.. could this be sign of menapause? please help aged 37. 

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