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felt positive about myself last Tuesday and breasts starting feeling tender Friday, last Saturday afternoon i had unprotected sex with my partner, this morning i find a brownish jelly like discharge in my underwear, what could this mean? as its never has happened before.

User avatar amandalc1987

Pimple on testicle

I have this hard white pimple thing on my scrotum. It has been there for a year and i can't po p it, i tried everything. It's just one pimple and it's white. It doesn't itch, smell, hurt or anything like that. what should i do ? 

User avatar theot

human anatomy - pregnancy - sex

okay, i may or may not be freaking out, but me and my let's say complicated friend were messing around and he started to rub his penis on the outside of my vagina so the vulva, and sticks the tip a little. he also said that he has, well let's say "finished" mainly near/on my underwear and i'm...

User avatar la bruja

abortion for 1 month

Im still having menstruation .i had March 15 and now Im afraid i may be a pregnant .imnotready to a mom. What will i do to have a menstruation. My due date is...

User avatar Jazzy

how many hours do you work a week?

not how hours that you are at work but how many hours are you really working (doing your job at work) during the average week? maybe better expressed as a ratio: hours worked / hours at work (just curious) --- megawill

User avatar megawill

direct fallinfg of sperms

I want to tell u that whenever i think of having sex lying on bed if i get pressure on my penis it get leake the spems and my underwear gets wets or any tome when i see porn videos it gets leaked automatically

User avatar Guest

x-ray result

Hi doc. Good afternoon.. I just want to ask about this finding of mine. Fidings: There are reticular densities in the right upper lobe. Heart is not enlarge Diaphragm is intact IMPRESSION: PTB, RIGHT, OF UNDETERMINED ACTIVITY.  this is my problem. How can i have a PTB im...

User avatar shiela

Pregnant Miscarriage

I'm 6 weeks pregnant I'm sure , I found out Monday April 17th from plan parenthood. I went to the hospital Wednesday and my HCG levels were around 1400, but I went back today (Friday) and my HCG level dropped 200 . I'm scared to lose my baby, especially at the age of 17 . I lost my uncle today and I...

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Discharge (milky white/ non sticky) during bowel movement

Good day, I am from the Philippines and sorry for my grammar. I had unprotected sex last February 4, 2017 with 2 different woman. the 1st one is just pure sex and the other 1, she did perform an oral and sex, I just noticed it after 2 weeks after I had sex, that there is a discharge from my penis,...

User avatar anthonyllurag

Can I be preganant? Or plan b symptoms??

I need advice. I am very worried. So I had sex the day my period ended. We used a condom At first and he finished in it, couple minutes later he went in with out a condom because we had ran out, in not sure if cum got in me or not or if the cum from before went in me. I took plan b around 12 hours...

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