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Periods issue

Hey i had unprotected sex with my hubby on 5th day of my periods.i had i pill after 7 days i had very early periods m bleeding from last 5 days should i see a doc or is it fine to have early periods after hsving i pill

User avatar Judy

Greenish brown spots between teeth

I have greenish brown spots between my bottom front teeth and my gums are tender and bleed if brushed too hard. I also have hand foot and mouth and am unsure if this caused it or if its another issue. Any help would be appreciated.

User avatar ChrisK

do you bleed heavy after you have the coil removed

I've been bleeding heavy after I had the coil removed, is this normal

User avatar Guest

Brown Discharge after 3 days period

hi, i have all pregnancy symptoms since 2 weeks, so i go to Doc on Feb,14. Pregnancy test come out negative and scan can't see anything.  Feb 15 i get my period but its only last 3 days Feb 18 i get brown discharge Doc asked me to to some home pregnancy test again in few days and...

User avatar sylvia

I have a goopy thing dangling from "the area" when I use the bathroom (haven't had a period)

When I go to the bathroom, sometimes I have a long goopy thing dangling from "the area". I tried to research it, but it said something about sex or periods. I am only 13 years old and I haven't started my period yet, so that doesn't really help me. Does anyone have any answers that can help me?

User avatar Skyf1y

Early period and bleeding gums

Early period and bleeding gums? I've been having sex recently with my partner without protection. My periods are normally regular and is normally due for the 21st of every month. I had sex on the 3rd and around the 7th I started have bad stomach cramps and white stuff coming out from downstairs...

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Diet for gallbladder removal and high cholesterol? Any suggestions that will help??

What is a good diet I can be on for gallbladder removal and high cholesterol?

User avatar Dori

Post partial gallbladder removal

So my father had a partial gallbladder removal around 5 weeks ago. Since then he has had nights sweats. The surgeon has confirmed by bloods and scans that there is still infection in there but he has said because dad isn't getting worse he is going to leave him for now and review in 6 weeks, dads...

User avatar Tanya

Is precome effective ??

Hi, My periods are delayed by 11 days as of now...we din have any protected sex but he just took out before the sperms arrival. I just came to know about precome....we haven't planned for a baby now... But I don't have any symptoms like cramps, tender breast or spotting...I'm pretty much normal.....

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Im scared Im pregnant

Me and my boyfriend had sex a week ago, we used condoms and we usually use more than one. He always pulls out before ejaculating and removes the condom very carefully. I noticed that his penis looked sticky and I'm scared that he touched this residue and then touched the condom with it. Is there a...

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