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Abnormal menstrual cycle after LEEP

First off, I went in to Planned Parenthood in January to get on BC. I chose the depo and decided to go ahead and get a pap done. Upon getting the results back, I found out that I had CIN3. We scheduled my LEEP in February. The procedure went as expected. I went to the hospital. They gave me...

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Sick after pill, am I still protected?

If I take my pill at 6.30 in the evening and I'm on time every evening, what happens if I am sick at 7 the next morning? Will it have been absorbed. This happened me where I took a pill on the Wednesday and was sick once in the thursday morning and was okay all day and then took my pill as normal in...

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I'm having my period for 5 weeks, nearly 6 weeks and it's constantly heavy

I'm only 16 and I've had my period for 5 weeks nearly 6 weeks and it's constantly heavy, it acts like it's going away but never does. It's the first time this has happened and I'm worried. I don't understand and I'm confused. I took contraception pills but I have been off then for a few days now. I...

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arm pain following/during vomitous...

can it be acid reflux, if you get the pain in your arms? lol.. it doesn't feel muscular to me either, someone said vein, which is exactly what I told my husband last night in the midst of it all, like its clamping off the vascular system for a short time due to extreme pressure from the heaving, and...

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Doctor said that a lump on my right testicle is caused by high testosterone levels?

I have a lump on my right testical I have had it for ten years now. I have been to the doctor he said it's to do with having high testosterone levels any advice?

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is it dangers the implant

is it dangers to u for the further

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late period but 3 negative tests

I am a 28 year old female. I have a 28 days cycle period. However, in Feb/march, my period went on to excessive bleeding for 15 days and I was prescribed with norethisterone and referred to an internal ultrasound scan. The scan results were normal and my GP advised me that I have a thick uterus...

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swollen eyelids, doctors said it is chalazion, but keflex, claratin and warm towels didn't help

Hi. I have been have serious issues with my eyelids for just over two months now. I've seen a doctor twice. First doctor prescribed Keflex & warm towels for 10 minutes 5x daily. Second prescribed claratin, nose drops and once again warm towels for 10 min 5x daily. My eyelids are still just as...

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how can I improve my body structure?

I am 23 years old and my body is too thin . please advise how can I improve my body structure

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Trying to have a baby

I had gonnorea about 8 years ago and ever since I haven't gotten pregnant. I had about 8 months before I found out I had it.  I have pcos irregular periods since I first got my period at 12. I'm 34 now. For quite a while I use to get my period every other month as I got older every 3...

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