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Throat problemsS

Does any body elses get a really bad scratchy feeling in your throat that it takes your breathe away

User avatar Gue

What stage if puberty am i in

Hi im 14 years old and im very curious to what stage of puperty i am in, i have done the tanner stage calculator but it really confused me. My testicles have grown but my penis hasn’t, i have developed pubic hair but no armpit hair and not very much leg or arm hair,i think my chest is starting to...

User avatar Bob

loss weight

Weight loss materials

User avatar Swastika

Salpingectomy, no fallopian tubes, pregnancy, is natural possible?

I heard you cannot get pregnant naturally w/o fallopian tubes but on here it seems a few people have. So does that mean it is possible, however very rare? I remember seeing a couple of lifetime movies as a kid bout women getting pregnant, and this woman told her husband but he was mortified and...

User avatar Hype

odour after sex with new guy

Hi, I noticed that there's a strong odour after having sex with this particular guy....

User avatar Gigi

Help please

I'm now 5 days late on my period and every time I think I'm about to start it's a clear discharge or white discharge. Not sure what to do?

User avatar Gabs0913

Black discharge

Hi I had my period 3 weeks ago now and these past few days I've been finding black discharge and blood coming out , what does this mean ???

User avatar Guest

Recurring Pimples mostly on right breast

I have been experiencing a lot of dark painful Pimples for over an year now. I see the Pimples are quietly large number on right breast than left.    I am worried that this does does not turn out to be a serious complications.  I had a mammogram done early 2016 which turned...

User avatar Fys

Bipolar boyfriend / breakup

I recently went through a very toxic, manipulating relationship with a guy who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He was on medication when we first met and everything was perfect . I fell really hard for him. Things got bad and he lost his job , his money , and his health insurance meaning he...

User avatar Guest

Panic attack/anxiety after trying edible

Hi everyone, 2 weeks ago I ate a little more than half a weed brownie and freaked out hours later, dry heaving, fast heartbeat, trouble breathing that lasted a while but I forced myself to sleep through it. The next week was hell, things didn't feel real, I couldn't feel good about anything,...

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