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cyst near rectum and scrotum for a second time?

This is the second time I got a cyst near/on side of rectum and scrotum. What can I do f or it? Thank you.

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Could she possibly be pregnant?

Hi, this is going to get a bit personal, but I'm desperate. I've been with my first and only girlfriend a little over 6 months now. We've only had sex a few times due to busy workschedules/not living togheter yet. She has been on the pill before with her previous BF, but got off it a few...

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brown discharge?? is it my period?

hi i am 14 and i had what i thought was my first period it was dark brown with no red what so ever. i hadn't had it since january but i just got it agin 3 months later. pls help i don't know if i am sick or if something is terribly wrong!!!!!!!

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Can I get pregnant 3 days after my period?

My cycle is 27 days, when my period come it last for four days. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex where he ejaculate in me on the third day after my period. Is it possible to get pregnant at that time?

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When I pull my foreskin all the way back it seems like it has a "bump"

So, has the title says, when I pull my foreskin all the way back it has like a bump. It is not itchy and it isn't visible if the penis is with the foreskin in its normal position. It isn't truly a bump, it doesn't hurt, doesn't itch, but I'm kind of scared of what it might be. I can't describe it...

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hot flash and headache in a 26 years old male?

Hot flash feeling hot and turn on and head ache what could ut be 26 years old male high estrogen thinking transition mtf help?

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i have a pet puppy

hi there how r u?

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I have swelling above left kneecap, I had surgery in both knees due to floating fragments

I have swelling above left kneecap.  I have had authroscopy (sp) surgery in both knees with a lateral release on right knee about 20 yrs ago all due to "floating fragments".  Recently have had swelling in left knee above kneecap.  Also some catching.  Pain was intense for...

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I had unprotected sex while I was waiting for my period and I started bleeding but only for a day

I haven't had my period for a Month and a half and I am 15, I had unprotected sex while I was waiting, I started bleeding but only for a day not even a day I should say, more like an hour and a half. So I am starting to worry. I am not ready to have a kid if I am pregnate but at the same time I...

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Back pain after gallbladder removal surgery

My wife remove her gallbladder  ten days ago she is suffering pain in back she does not sleep properly wt could I done  

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