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Masterbateing tips

Hi I'm 12 I need tip for masterbateing I don't have a sex toy I use the bath tub to put my pu**y under and a tooth brush how do I get a good oragasm please help

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abortion by pills

i am 45days pregnant i using abortion pill(pregnot kit) but there is no more reaction in my body what i want to do???? i have 2years old boy i cannot carry another child please ans this

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Swolen groin lymph nodes

Hi, I have 1 or 2 swolen lymph nodes in my groin my doctor has told me that my testicles feel ok no lump or swelling and that to keep an eye on them,  my groin and testicles have been hurting on and off for 2 years but for the past 4 weeks also worse, any advise 

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Clear watery discharge from vagina

Hello everyone !!! So I am GUSHING watery clear fluid from my vagina. It feels as if I'm on my period but I'm not I have had unprotected sex and I am not on birth control my last period was about the 15th of last month. I have been trying to kick a uti for about a week now. ???? 

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Precum and pregnancy

Can my gf got pregnant on the 26th day of her cycle? I didnt came inside her(so sure that i didnt) and i urinated more or less 10 times before we had sex because i drank too much water. Pls answer me :(

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pain in right shoulder to wrist

I have shocking pain in right shoulder down to wrist ?

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bleeding from penis

After ruination couple of blood drops coming from penis and its paining .. Any solution for this

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Can't get an erection without porn

I'm 16 and I've watched porn to masterbate for 2 years and every since a month ago I realized that i cant  get an erection without porn.When I can its hard to get an erection without it. My concern is if I stop watching porn Will my normal erections come back?     Please I need...

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Hair Transplant in Punjab

Punjab is becoming one of the most popular destination for having hair transplant in North India, You can get the best Hair Transplant Surgeries with great hospitality at Affordable Cost which may cost you a huge amount if you are having a hair transplant form a metro city, so it is better to have a...

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I want to lern ways to masturbate

Other ways to masturbate?

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