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I unconsciously click my throat most of the time, I am diagnosed with ADD

I have a throat clicking problem.  I unconsciously click my throat most of the time.  It is annoying to those around me. Didn't think much about it until recently someone mentioned Tourette's syndrome.  Anyone out there know anything about this.  I am 72 yrs old and just now...

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Jumping like a fast heartbeat

After having unprotected sex with boyfriend at 4am this morning, started to feel jumping in the lower part of my abdomen it jumps fast then stop the day of my last period was the 6 of Jan. What does this mean?

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why there is blood with my vaginal discharge ?

hello,  i am 23 yrs old . my menstrual cycle is irregular. it disturbs me a lot why i have blood in my vaginal discharge all the time. i am a virgin, and adopted to a clean life style. after reading all the articles and books, i still can't figure out why . can someone please explain...

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Do women like penetration or just clitoral play while masturbating?

I'm a guy who enjoys sex immensely. I am glad to be a man and find various ways to pleasure myself, but on occasion I wonder what it would be a woman. I'd probably be a s*** because I would love to have orgasm after orgasm in one masturbation or sex setting. But my question is do women like to...

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Pinkish/ purple veins around my breasts

Hi, I'm 15. I have noticed that there are pinkish/purple-ish veins around my breasts. I'm a bit worried. Is this a sign of breast cancer or smth else? Heeeeeelp.

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About meanstrual cycle ?

My girlfriend and I had sex without any protection I didn't ejaculate inside her. And she took Ipill before previous meanstrual cycle. And now it's not having mensuration ? Can you please help me out in this situation about correct information ?

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My eart beats so loud that it keeps me from sleeping.

At night when I try to go to sleep. My. Heart beat is so loud that it interferes with my sleeping? What can I do about it?

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Burns really bad !

I cut my self on my vagina while shaving and it hurts really bad ! Like every time I pee it hurts And I think I have a U.T.I. Because when I looked up the symptoms they were similar to how I was feeling but how do I cure the cut around my vagina and near my anus please help

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Being off depo and side effects

Hi i been On depo For about a year now , And i got off depo on Nov 1 , After stopping i had  Symptoms of pregnancy like , Lower back pain , nausa, Tiredness, Soar and tender breast , and also i am 3weeks late on my period , i am extremly Depressed and also  Lately i been having Clear...

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Black specks in stool

I notice there are black specks in my stool for the pass 3 weeks. Other then that my stool color is brown. I'm abit worried. Should I see my Dr about this? I have history of gastritis. Noticed this happened after I skipped about of meals.

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