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I have the exact same symptoms!!

i was diagnosed with a sciatic nerve problem after 37 years of age.  Since then, my list of ailments is as follows, problems with my left leg going numb, loss of feeling in my testicles and penis (periodically) my left arm went numb (like pins and needles asleep) for 6 months, it turns out my...

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will i get pregnant

he ejaculated and wipped it off but didnt wash his hands ill i get pregnant

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Unprotected sex after ended chlamydia treatment

Me and my girlfriend were diagnosed with chlamydia 6 months ago. We have been in treatment with Azithromycin over 4 times but it never worked due to several misunderstanding/mistakes. We now had a treatment with doxycyclin, and went without sex for 2 weeks (since we started the...

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Unprotected sex related information

I had unprotected sex on 19 march and my expected date of period was 20 march. I took an Ipill on 20 march itself and still didn't have my periods. Should I be worried?

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i-pill how many times used in a year

ipill can be used 4 times in a year is it harfull or not

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Quit smoking after 12 hours and has severe asthma attack, 12 hour later had cigarette to calm asthma

Hi, Several years ago I got off cigarettes and moved to smokeless e-cigs.  I got a chest cold, couldn't breath and went to emergency hospital for nebulizer treatments  and chest x-ray showed I had broken 3 ribs.  Many hours later they sent me home but after 7 days went back to...

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What could cause constant nose twitching?

What could cause involuntary nose twitches? I'm 28 years old and have had type 1 diabetes for 20 years. I suffer from bipolar disorder and anxiety but have also had a spinal fusion in my thoracic spine. It started in the past year but has been getting worse. It goes away completely for a day if I...

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What household items can i masturbate with

i am a 13 year old girl i wanna know what can i masturbate with I've tried my fingers a vibrating toothbrush i cant buy anything cause parents. And i don't have a head shower" i think that what you call it" but please help

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congestion in both my nose and throat which caused me a swollen tonsils

It started out with congestion both in my nose AND throat. Then it went to being congested and I notice I had swollen tonsils. Then the next day there were white spots on my tonsils not many though. And then I seen bumps in the back of my throat the color of my throat. And now I'm congested a little...

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12 years since abortion I never used any birth control and still haven't conceived?

I got an abortion 12 years ago since than i had a partner for 6years than a partner for 2 im now 2years into a relationship. All of these relationships ive not used protection never been on birth control and been trying for a year. Ive yet to see a doctor but im starting to feel as if my abortion...

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