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CO2 treatment safe for pregnant woman?

I have a spine problem since I was in my grade school. I got this when I accidentally fall from the stairs. I've been in some therapy until now but sometimes it still aches and it become worst since I was 15 weeks pregnant. I've heard that doxyva is good for treating spine problems, I want to...

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I am on the depo, but I'm worried that I might be pregnant from precum

Hi, I've just had sex with my boyfriend today and i am already on the depo and had to wait a week for it to work, so last week i got my injection done and when me and my boyfriend had sex we used a condom which didn't break. however, he pre ejaculated but some might've stayed on his male parts which...

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skin overlap causing rash under belly - like jackstrapitch

I need to know how to order pads for the rash under my fat overlap belly. Thank you.

User avatar nancybess

can I be pregnent after abortion?

Hello, I'm really concerned that I can be pregnent again  I had an abortion 3 weeks ago and I had sex 8 day after abortion with my boyfriend. I started taking birth control pills the following day after abortion but I'm still afraid that I can be pregnent again.. is it possible? 

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Sad, depressed

I hate my life. Everyday I wish I could die. I have no one to talk to because no one can understand. Life is so meaningless for me and I used to love life. Now I don't have interest in anything.

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Has anyone experienced this

Idk what this is but it's flesh colored and it looks like it's oval shaped a little hard and it seems to be hanging from a peduncle or stalk on the outer part of my vagina where the hair is I'm very embarrassed because it's on my vagina and I'm even talking about this I'm very terrified to go to the...

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Bleed when i shave my pubed

Im a boy and i shaved my pubs above the penis and it bleed like little red dots. It hapoeed before, is this normal??

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Big Red Bump on Penis

The other day when I woke up, I noticed a big, re, hard lump on my penis shaft.  I didn't know what it was and I got scared. So I looked up what it may be and I think it may be a cyst. So I started using a hot compression on it a couple times a day. The swelling went down some, but...

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Tonsillectomy insanely painful

I got my tonsils removed 7 days ago. Day one was totally fine. I drank a bunch of water and ate a milkshake right after recovery. That night I ate soup and ice cream. The next day went well too. I was taking liquid oxy and the pain was minimal. That night though I began to get nauseas and hours...

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Can you get pregnant by being touched on and around the clitoris?

Can a girl get pregnant if a boy touches her clitoris and a little bit below but he never actually put his finger in her vagina and there is a possibility of a tiny bit of pre-ejaculate on his finger?

User avatar Kit