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swelling of labia after sex? he was a bit rough, can that be a reason?

So after letting my boyfriend eat me out/ finger me for the first time (yikes.) the next morning I noticed my labia were very swollen. I’m no pro at sex or anything of that sort, so I just want to know if that may be normal. He was a little rough also so I’m assuming that was the main...

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Used Monistat 1 for the first time yesterday and some of it came out when I flushed my vagina

i used the monistat 1 for the first time. I put it in last night around 8 pm and it is now 2pm the next day. I took a bath and flushed my vagina and the rest of the medicine came out. Do I need to start the whole process over again??? I'm still experiencing discomfort with itching and burning. ...

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Tongue piercing and mine hurt only when I eat, my swelling is going down

I got mine pierced a week ago it only hurts when I eat cause I end up biting down on it other than that it don't hurt and I can tell my swelling is going down 

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brown spot on my penis, it looks like genital wart

Hi, I am a 16 year old uncircumcised male. I have never had sexual contact with another person. So, I have two spots on my penis, they are both the same colour - brown (or so I believe(I am rather colourblind)). The most noticeable spot of the two is on the shaft and has a diameter of around 2mm....

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What happens if white stuff comes out your private part

Hi I am a teen and about 6 months or so back in 8th grade I had problems on my penise I have white stuff come up my private part as I was sitting on the toilet pooping and white stuff is coming out and I think it's still comes out cause I plays with my penise to much .. can someone tell me what is...

User avatar Darrell

Attention! guys also carry BV. I got mine twice from the same male partner

I noticed 2 days after having sex I had a white discharge with a odor to it. I went to the clinic to get tested and I tested positive for BV, I was then prescribed some medicine and was told that there is no way that my partner could have gave it to me. The second time we had sex two days later...

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Foreskin not coming to normal position after first full head pull back

Hey, I am 17 years old till now I had never pulled back my foreskin fully back the head. But since some 2-3 week I was getting it little little back and finally to day I have discovered all my penis head it is so sensitive even for my underwear. I am trying to get it back to original position but...

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Brown and Red Spotting after withdrawal bleeding, Pregnancy sign ?

I'm taking morning pill (postinor 2) after non penetrative intercourse. It was a week after my period. Then I got withdrawal bleeding 7 days after taking the morning pill. My withdrawal bleeding finished on Tuesday 10th October, then I have anal sex, he pulled out, I washed it but I just realize...

User avatar Renene

morning after pill during ovulation, it is still early to do a pregnancy test

hi , please i need help as am very confused. i took norlevo morning pill on the 15th after unsafe sex on the 14. however these are my unsafe days and am certain its my ovulation period. can i still gt pregnant? am soooo worried as my baby is only one year old besides i notice breast milk started...

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