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my underwear was wet and as we were dry humping i felt precum release from my penis

Okay so I have question, One morning I ejaculated from masturbating but did wipe off sperm residue from my penis hole and around the area I also pee right after and peed 30 min later, about an 1 hour or so, I then went biking to a girls house, we got in the pool and then went to her bedroom and we...

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Bleeding dark red blood

I need some help understanding something I had a hysterectomy in 2007 after my son died from polystic kidney disease and for the past year and a half I have been bleeding dark red blood I still have my cervix and both ovaries and falpian tubes and I am having like menstrual pain and cramps please...

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My Weight at 13, am I good or fat?

I weight 140 pounds and I'm 13 is that good or am I fat 

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Needs help to masterbate

Ok so What are the best ways to masterbate  with your breast?

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My penis is stuck to the head

My skin is holding my penis to the head and I can't get it all the way down is there anyway I can slowly release it from the head

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Everytime I have sex after my period it starts up again

I was just wondering if anyone could be able to help me out. I recently got the implant and due to that have been having very prolonged periods which me and my boyfriend find quite difficult due to our active sex life. But recently it's finished and I have sex with him 2-3 days later and it starts...

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Brown discharge for 7+ days?

About a week and a half after my period, I started getting dark brownish-red discharge. This began around my fertile window so I assumed it was just ovulation spotting, although I've never experienced that before. It's not heavy enough/ has lasted longer than my usual period so I don't...

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I feel heavily bloated and burning sensation, also i have pain in lower back

Hi Doctor, I got my periods on the 5th of May(last month) i had ipill twice too last month coz of unprotected sex, even had minor bleeding after 3-5 days of consumption I have not got my periods yet this month, i did take a pregnancy test on the 20th of June(this month) and it turned negative...

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Can i be pregnant

Hi. I need help... I started my period about a week before i was supposed to... Ovulation was on the 16th/17th. Is it possible that i could be pregnant and how will i know at this early stage? Thank you

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Pregnancy Scare Please Help!!

Girlfriend started birth control at least two weeks prior to this event and was taking it correctly. I had not ejaculated for at least 5 days before and obviously gone to the bathroom plenty of times. If the condom broke and I didn't realize it for maybe a minute at the most. Could she be pregnant?...

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