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Is it normal to be extremely flexible?

Hello, uhm, I was wondering if it's normal to be able to twist my arm backwards, my feet straight backwards, dislocate my shoulders and hips on command,  have my rib cage randomly slip around, bruise easily, have my legs rest on my shoulders while I can walk with my hands, have my leg twist all...

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i've just started taking cymbalta for an arthritis in my neck and back. Can I drink wine with it?

iv had bad arthritis in my neck and back. A Dr. put me on Cymbalta a few weeks ago and seems to help quite a bit. but i love to drink wine at night. after drinking at night. the pain in my back and neck still Bothers me the next day....Does drinking to much wine interfere with the affects of...

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Paint ball to the eye, now it's bleeding and having black and purple around it

I was at a paintball battle field, and I didn't know my eye shield was broken. I was taking cover, but when I stood up to shoot at the other team, they shot my eye 4 times, the first one broke the eye shield, the rest went to the eye. It's bleeding and black and purple all around it. There was...

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what is wrong with me, I'm bleeding during sex

Hello this ever happen to any body bleeding during sex what's wrong

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Plan B a few days before period because condom broke

Hi everyone, my girlfriend and I have been dating for about 9 months and last Friday night we had sex. The condom broke so the next morning we got Plan B. She forgot to take her birth control Wednesday and Thursday before we had sex but she took it Friday( the day of). She was supposed to have...

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brown spot 5 days after missed period?

why did i see a brown spot 5 days after a missed period

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Do I masturbate right? I feel some tingling when stimulating my clit

Hi, I'm a 14 year old girl, I'm trying to successfully masterbate. Is this the keeping I should have? My body wanting to move around as I'm rubbing my cilt then a minute or so later start to finger myself up there. Afterwards it tingling up there? Idk if I did it right, it sure felt good though

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Casseroles: Love Em or Hate Em?

What's your verdict? Since fall is here I have been going casserole happy but I find that people are of two strong camps on the issue, either they love em or consider them right up there with Walmart.

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Skin Peeling off and itchiness under breasts

Hi everyone, I have a problem and hope to find a solution or atleast a point in the right direction. A few months ago my skin started rubbing off and the thinner it gets the itchier it becomes. Whenever I wash the area I always notice bits of skin coming off. Because I thought it was caused by...

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Best satisfaction without a vibrator

I don't wanna buy one, and I only have my hands as pleasure. I'm a male. Any suggestions?

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