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Itchy bumps on my pines and balls

In just 2 days of me moving to a new home I started getting itchy bumps on my penis and then they got to my balls, they where pretty big a clear to see, I put itch cream on them and it takes it aways but I ran out and right away new itchy bumps just reappear instantly, and now it spread...

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What are the symptoms of volvulus

Volvulus and colon cancer  

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How can I reduce my tongue thickness? I can't see my throat when mouth are wide open

My tongue thickness increased over last 2 years. Reports are normal. How can I reduce its is too big..I can't see my throat when wide open with aa. - sunit

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Polypectomy - nasal polyps removal

I wish to go for nasal polyp ( both nostrils ) removal as outpatient. Is it done without general anaesthesia? What's approx cost ? Recovery time?  ..sunit, Bangalore

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Can I take Ipill without ejaculation assurance.

Am a virgin but me and my boyfriend were fooling around five days after my period and he ejaculate but  not sure if it split around my vagina ... Can I be pregnant or should I take ipill. 

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brown thick and slimy substance in my panties when I went to the toilet

i went to the toilet today and i looked at my panties and there was this brown thick and slimy substance i havent got my period yet, ive got the white discharge before but not brown? some 1 help me

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12 days late for my period

December 7thh- 12th 2016 is the last time I had my period, I had finish my birth control pack as well I had sex on December 17 unprotected but my boyfriend pulled out. I haven't continue another birth control pack because it made me feel ill. My period was expected to come on...

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Diphenhydramine addiction and overdose signs

About a year in half ago I started taking Diphenhydramine for sleep. Eventually I couldn't sleep without them about 6 months in my body become PHYSICALLY ADDICTED to an extreme level where unless I took 20 at a time my body craved it. It has gotten extreme out of hand I wouldn't be...

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Can't sleep cause ear pain

i have experienced surgery on my ears.But yesterday when i was listening to music and my ear just started hurting.So much.When it was bed time i could not sleep so i stayed up all night and around the morning my ear was filled with slimy stuff not ear wax but this idk.

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Would you eat marshmallows from 2004?

Would them being stored a sealed zip-lock bag make a difference in your answer?

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