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Why won't my constipation stop?

When I was younger, I would always wait until the very last moment to use to bathroom (including bowel movements). This was NOT a good idea. I started getting into the habit of not going to poop for a few DAYS. So I would poop once a week and always clog the toilet. After years of doing this, I went...

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Depo shot

Did pregnancy test about a week ago and it was negative so today I had depo shot for the first time and afterwards after wanting to be sure did a pregnancy test what said positive and another said positive and then one said negative help 

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Am i pregnant?

Hi, so i have had unprotected sex with my boyfriend consecutively for the past few months, my period was 3 weeks late but i did get some bleeding that lasted 3-4 days. Recently i have been gaining weight, been dizzy and nauseous, have constant back pain, food cravings and other symptoms of...

User avatar unknown02

Periods are not arising

Helllow sir my gf nd Me had sex first day of her period nd we were not sure that sperm is ejaculated in vagina or not .. and on second day she took ipill the withdralll bleeding long last for 10 days and now it's 1month the next periods are not happpening 

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Ask for ED problem

I have married about 3 months! But I can not get in during makelove. My wife refuse to make love with me! I was so nerves, I do not know what is the problem! I did not have the sex experiment before, some dotor tell me lack in the experiment! Some tell me suffer ED! And I find the medicine that the...

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period with jelly like clots

hello am having my period for almost 1week,normally i have a 1wk period though,on the 4th an 5th day while am on my period i saw this jelly like blood clot came out on my wipes while i was wiping myself,it looks very weird,i have no pains no cramps an my period is not light persay not heavy just in...

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Need masturbation and wedgie ideas

im a 15 year old male and I need ideas for ways to masturbate and wedgies to do.

User avatar Rjcelic

My period finished a while ago and now I've got blood coming out of me after I had sex and he cummed

I finished my period about 5 days ago I had sex 4 days ago with my boyfriend we used a condom and he cummed in me but the condom came of inside of me so he cummed inside of me and not the condom we freaked out big time and we asked his brother for help he told us to get the morning after pill and we...

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Post operative pain after removal of kidney stone

I have got removed kidney stone and there was infection in my right kidney and was blocked. Doctor has put a stent in the pipe and urinary tract is functioning properly. All tests are done now after 15 days and there is no infecton etc. But there is a lot of pain and swelling please advise.

User avatar Shyam

Hyperkinetic Gallbladder?

I started having random upper right quadrant abdominal pain that comes and goes about a year and a half ago.  Sometimes nausea as well.  At first it just seemed to occur after having 1-2 beers (I only drank occasionally), but lately happens randomly now.  In early December my ALT...

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