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freigberg disease and diabetes 2 are they related in any way

is freigberg disease related to type 11 diabetes

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xcell 180 districts in xcell 180

xcell 180 districts in xcell 180. It is reliably used to treat joint issue, for example, phenomenal sorts of joint irritation, nonexcell 180less it is as regularly as conceivable used to push a solid skin as well. Hyaluronic ruinous in like way has threatening to creating impacts, however ....

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Lost of weight

I had my gallbladder taken out Nov, 23 2016. But before I had my gallbladder taken out. I weight 175. And now I weight 124 its only 6mths that pass by, I really wasn't eating as much after I had the surgery. But the weight keeps coming off. I been in and out of the Emergency room. Because I'll get a...

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Teen worries

okay so When have protected sex and checking if the condom broke frequently and my boyfriend not cuming  is that for sure I'm not pregnant? Also I wanted to know in order to get pregnant does there have to be a big cum shot inside you to get pregnant

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Has anyone ever had a chalazion/chalazia cause astigmatism and did surgery help the vision return?

Hello, So I've had multiple chalazia on my left eyelids six months ago due to blepharitis. I had one in my lower left eyelid and one in the upper eyelid which is quite large and round and has been inducing astigmatism. Just recently I've had another one pop up on my upper right eyelid. Anyways...

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Don't know how to tell my mom I got my period.

My mom has not given me "the talk" about puberty or sex and I am 13. She is not easy to talk to about this stuff. I've been hiding my period from her for about 2 years. I get pads and tampons from my friends but I'm just nervous to tell her. I'm afraid she will tell everyone in my house which would...

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How to master

How do i masterbait

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White discharge from the vrigina

Hello, I'm 14 and I started my period a 2 years ago and I haven't had sex yet and I don't plan to til I'm older. And as you can tell I'm really nervous because I don't feel comfortable talking about this with my parents and I'm close with my doctors. So it's easier to talk about it here I guess. So...

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Is my penis big for my age

I'm 13 going on 14 and i am very interested, my penis size  when non-erect is 8" and when i am erected i am 12" is that a problem. I have already had a sexual intercourse , sometimes it worries me and I feel like its not normal

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petroclival meningioma

My mum had three surgeries to remove a 5 cm petroclival meningioma. It has been 40 days since her last surgery and her right arm and leg are not moving at all. No feeling at her left side of the face as well. Left eye is not opening. It is worrying us so much now that we haven't seen the progresses...

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