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Can licking causes pregnancy after she gave a bj kissed me afterward and i lick her vagina after it

So long story short my gf lick my penis until i ejaculated i don't know if the sperm gets into her mouth or not, after that she kissed me and i lick her vagina... Any chances of pregnancy here ? Kinda afraid

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Could i be pregnant?

So my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on March 4, but it only lasted for about 30 seconds. He didn't ejaculate at all and there couldn't have been sperm if there was pre-cum because he went pee right before. We had sex again on March 19, but with condoms and nothing broke. I m still worried if I...

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pooping and peeing outside

well I had to this one time when I was swimming I noticed    my        bowl movement was stranger then normal and I had to dump out some diarrhea so, I went behind a Bush out a wet gross ball of poop  and it looked like this

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Pancreatitis and Gall bladder Removal

I am here today with a little good news your not doomed after pancreatitis and gallbladder removal. I was diagnose with necrosis pancreatitis last year. Everyone recovery is different I didn't eat for six weeks after I left hospital but my recovery has been good since i started eating. This is how i...

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I think my bf contracted chlamydia when we started dating

Before my bf and I go together, we had been friends with benefits for a year, meaning that he was sleeping now and then with other people, I was only sleeping with him however. Throughly the whole year of us being FWB, I had taken 6 sti tests and they had all come back negative. My last negative...

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I get itching on the head of the penis after each sexual intercorse

I always get itching on the head of the penis and peeling of the skin after each sexual intercorse

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He claims he washed his hands but then he came back in and fingered me

OK, i've never really been sexually active with a guy. but, me and my boyfriend were messing around a few weeks ago and I gave him a hand job and he nutted. I got a little on my stomach and all over him so he went to the bathroom to clean up. He claims he washed his hands but then he came back in...

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how the duromine work

I m using the pills and they don't work

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I remember clearly that my boyfriend pulled out at the right time

I had unprotected sex on march 4th. It was my first time. I remember v clearly that my boyfriend pulled out at the right time. Since it was my first, my hymen tore and v little blood came out. A week and a half later we tried having sex, but couldn't since I wasn't comfortable.. but due to...

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Pain under my penis on the left side?

hi i am 30 yrs old. last few days before i have pain under my penis (on left side of the ball).really i worried about this.. please clarify my problem.

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