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Unsteadiness and little lightheaded, heavy pressure on forehead and eyebrows

Hello, I wonder if this is cause for concern? For more than a week, I experienced some lightheadedness throughout the day. I am now better than the first day when I felt it was difficult to focus, that I had to lie down or that I felt my feet were taking a floating step. Now, I feel...

User avatar dragonreborn324324

Can you describe basic oral care needs during cancer treatment?

My father was unfortunately diagnosed with stage III colon cancer not long ago. He underwent surgery and is now receiving chemotherapy. Since he complained of dry mouth and oral discomfort I went to search out more information regarding this topic. I have found out that oral care during cancer...

User avatar Arvinder

Mucus in Stool Since Getting Back From Europe

Hi everyone, so my story is this. I am 27 years old and went to Europe to visit my older brother and his family while they are stationed in Germany in June. We went to different places in Germany, France, and the Netherlands. I was there for two weeks total and was fine. Then the very last day when...

User avatar NicAli

when I'm urinating, it hurts at the end and I see a little blood. I had sex 2 weeks ago

Hi I’m 17 I had sex like two weeks ago on a Fridaynight ,these past days every time I go pee at the end it end hurts when I’m done peeping and I also get a lil blood why is that ? What can I do to stop it ?

User avatar Angelina

erupted wisdom teeth removal gone bad, pus is draining from my sinus cavity

Search for: Puss draining from my sinus cavity from an upper erupted wisdom tooth removal over a month ago. I smell it in my nose it and taste it all day long the dentist even said there is a pin hole up there. I have been taking antibiotics for 5 days and no change i am still swallowing this stuff!

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the flesh below my knee keeps burning with pain from time to time

the flesh below my knee keeps burning wih pain from time to time. i am a 62 year old female

User avatar lunat

pain with transvaginal ultrasound, all cancer markers are in a normal range, can it be a cyst?

Doc found a cyst close to the bladder, after I had complained of experiencing some pain on the left side.  Reports that cyst is of unknown origin, no blood flow in it.  Follow up transvaginal ultrasound ordered by the OB/GYN cancer doc at 3 months later was extremely painful in area of...

User avatar Mary

My Foreskin isn't covering my penis entirely like before

Hi I'm a 17 year old uncircumcised male and i recently became sexually active with my partner the first time we had sex with a condom and i had no problem with my foreskin going back to normal, but the second time we had sex without a condom (she is on birth control and were sure to be as safe as...

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i got mirena put in and now I think that I'm having an infection

I got mirena put in on Thursday it's now Saturday and I just started to feel my strong to check on them and when I smelt my finger there was a very very very slight smell putting my finger up to my nose I could barely smell it it was so faint but it smells like Parmesan cheese its not a bad...

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Itching, bleeding, swelling ,discharge from my vagina, yeast medication didn't work

Hi im 19 years old and im still a virgin but its going on almost 3 years that ive been battling with these symtoms, ive gone to doctors and some have given me yeast infection medication but it never works. I dont know whats wrong I want believe its an yeast infection but as I said ive had it for a...

User avatar Angel