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Seminal leakage throughout the day and sometimes I don't have an orgasm

I am a healthy, 39 year old male. I love my girlfriend, she is quite attractive, and we may engage in sex anywhere from 2-4 times a week. Occasionally, early in the day, an erotic thought or idea may cross my mind. Enough to get a partial erection. Well it seems from there on through the rest of the...

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Can't Eat, Nausea, No Appetite, Dizziness, Headache, Cramps, bleeding during sex

I've had these symptoms for 3 days now but not the sex part I tried it once with in the three days and I thought I started my period but I dId not , I am in pain I can't eat anything , can someone help me.

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i rubbed my precum around her clit

So me and my girlfriend got in the moment and my last ejaculation was 2 nights before and I pissed a few times so I got carried away and rubbed my penis around her clit now she has irregular periods right and on her period tracker the day we did that was on her ovulation day but she said that's wrong...

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how to wean off of morphine pills fast?

my husband has liver cancer, he was taking 100mg of morphine 3 times a day, he wanted to wean off of them as much as possible, his pain management dr put him on 90 mg 3 times a day, can he still have withdrawals from going down 10mg in each pill?

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Precum and pregnancy help

Precum help and pregnancy So do keep in mind this I never penetrated my girl at all My girl has irregular periods and all so idk last Friday would be on a normal 14 day cycle was her ovulation day but she said she never felt anything or it was wrong so I said okay and we were messing around I was...

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Late period 24 days

Hi, I'm 21 and I'm 24 days late on my period, I have taken 3 pregnancy test and they have came out negative, I have sore breast , at times I feel light headed, I'm always tried and all I want  to do is sleep! Help?

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NOt having a period

I had a sex with my girlfriend and she took i-pill after 4 hours of having sex but after a month she isnt having meansuration so we are very much tensed why its not happening. Plz someone give a clear feedback . Thnk you

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Effexor xr Withdrawal, but i have only been able to drop to 37.5 mg

I have been taking effexor for more than 10. It certainly has been traumatizing to me and my family trying to get rid of the meds. I have been trying to wean down from 150 mg. since January 2017. I Have only been able to drop 37.5 mg. because I always feel drunk. It is very nauseating,...

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how are these symptoms cured?

lightheaded,  dizziness, loosing balance, blared vision and loss of concentration. 

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I have been experiencing severe abdominal pain that changes to different parts of my abdomen

I've had the bar implant inserted in November and didn't have a period till 40 days later, I thought this was normal as the implant messes up your menstrual cycle. For the past almost 2 months I have been experiencing severe abdominal pain that changes to different parts of my abdomen and I...

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