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Hi, It has been 10 days since I had 2 internal and 1 external hemorrhoid removed and I have pretty much been going through what everyone else has been going through on these forums. The thing I am worried about is that I have what's looks like a split swollen red lump of flesh hanging out out my anus almost the size of the original external hemorrhoid that was removed. It is split in 2 and one side is bigger than the other. One part of it has a pale white scab on it which occasionally bleeds due to sitting down for any length of time. The other is very narrow and almost looks like it is trying to heal onto the other bit. When looking at it I can't seem to imagine that it will ever go down and am worried that it is some form of damaged skin. Has anyone else experienced this? I intend on seeing the doctor again as I have no idea what it is


Tomorrow makes a week after my sphinterotomy and hemorrhoidectomy surgery. I had a severe fissure external skin tags, and 4 grade 3 internal hemi's. What is left on the outside of my anus seems more like a hemi, with the exeption of it being more tender and a firmer than an aactual hemi.

My doc told me before I went back for surgery that just because the tags were being removed didn't mean I was going to ever have a normal looking butt again. I have read many stories about skin tags being left after surgery.

I hope yours heals up and doesn't become a problem for you. So many times we have procedures done to fix problem, only to come out with a whole new one.

Good luck to you!