Hi. I've got a problem about my weight, here's a simple description.

Between 2004 to 2008 I wasn't eating properly. I would eat, not throw it up.. but sometimes I never ate Lunch, and never ate breakfast. Just skipped. Never nibbled at night, and just ate dinner around 7pm. Over time, this made my stomach shrink, and I became pretty skinny for my age. I was underweight, not by much though.

I have always been a weak little twig.

I started to get my appetite back when I moved in with my mum, who at first, bought me crisps, chocolate, cakes, etc and this... rapidly made me fat. I went from 9 Stone (126lbs) to 16 Stone (224lbs) It's nearly double the previous weight. I've cut down the food a bit, not eating so much junk but I haven't gained, or lost any weight.

I have lack of stamina, and a bunch of psychological issues... which disables me from doing exercises (Like running, anything using feet) and interacting with people, spending time outdoors etc but what I'm asking is.. what is best to lose this weight without going back to my old anorexic self. My appetite is slowly going away, days where I'd eat little, days where I'd eat a lot. It's pretty much like a roller-coaster diet. This is due to depression in which I hope will get sorted soon when I see my psychiatrist.

What can I do to help lose the weight? Thanks.