I had big hemis ,I got everything removed 20 days ago

The pain from the op,the wound itself was manageable with the pain killers,not much bleeding too

The only bad experience out of this is having a BM , here is why it's bad

1.The rectal opening (an*s) is very narrowed ,so passing feces is painful
2.You have to strain,otherwise nothing will pass, having to strains means your hemis might come back again, it's a paradox,your doctor will warn you not to strain,but what could you do,there is no way around
3. First weeks my stomach went wack,feeling cold,sweating,fevers,cramps,etc
4. You will start hating to eat anything, so you end up eating little things, you take all the softeners,fiber pills,etc etc but here is the problem:
you won't have a BM for 2 to 3 days, now even if you had all the softneres on earth, having some load,3 or 2 days of age,means one thing:it will be hard solid (like a constipation) so when you finally have the urge to go,it is hell on earth,you strain for hourse again and again

5. What could help is sitting in sitz bath before a BM, taking one cup of olive oil (yes it is magical) it will make things little bit easier
6. Try to walk around, and exercise your muscles, because a BM won't come if your muscles are lazy or you got hooked up to softeners

20 days now, and my only joy of any given day is having a BM , my opening is smaller than it used to be, I hate sitz bath because it's messy, I can't believe I have to live for ever like that

Doctor said,if things stay like this (having a narrowed opening) for another more 3 weeks,a dilation will be done to make it bigger

My prayers go to everyone suffering out there, please understand it's not as horrible as you may imagine reading this,it is annoying,but if you need the surgery, then do it! Don't delay, it will change your time,but recovery is not a smooth journey,but worth it,I hope so