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I got home from the hospital right about 24 hours ago. I am not in the worst pain I can imagine. Now, it hasn't been a walk in the park, and I'm still yet to have the all-important first BM, but so far, the pain has been bearable.

I share this not to diminish the sufferings of others on this board - everyone will have a different experience, of course. But to anyone who is awaiting this procedure in terror (as I was) or trying to decide if it's worth it, I wanted to offer up the possibility that not everyone is in for the most agonizing experience of their lives. I really considered backing out of the procedure when I read the accounts on these pages. Most people who have successful procedures with easy recoveries are NOT going to get on here and share. But these people do exist. If you want to ask any questions or get more detail about how it CAN be, please, feel free to ask. Everyone needs a reassuring word now and then.


I think that posting your experiences here was a very good idea! After all, I know that a lot of people talk a lot about the difficulties they have and it can give the impression that hemorrhoid surgery can be incredibly painful with a lot of complications and that's not always the case. Keep us posted on how things go so that we can get an idea of how recovery is ideally supposed to go. Thanks!