I have been reading all of the posts and can not find anything on my issue. I had my surgery on Dec. 15th. 3 large internal ones removed that were at 3,6 and 9. Then 2 small ones outside. This is the worse pain! Anyways for the last 5 days I have to have at least 3-5 bm's and a vicodin, then throbbing pain for a couple hours and then I'm good to go through my day. WHY? Why am I having so many bm's in the morning?? Why the throbbing pain after? I still have the 3 thingy's hanging on the outside but they don't hurt all day just when I go to the bathroom or wipe.
I would never recommend this surgery to anyone. Eat differently, exercise and watch the meds you take.
I have called the doctor who did the surgery but they want me to wait for the 13th. ugh.
Anyone else have these bathroom issues?