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ive done my hemorrhoidectomy last Oct. 28, 2008 i have no problem with my BM my stool are soft and wateryand i dont feel any pain anymore, its been 3 weeks when i noticed that there is a yellow discharge/pus came out to my anal.

does anybody have same situation with me, how long it will go away, or does any antibiotic can cure it?

please help, thanks



Hi Clark,  I also did my hemorrhoidectomy 2009 and 8 months after the procedure i started experiencing minor pains as if i have piles, i then started to see yellow discharge/pus coming from my anal.  This is frustrating and uncomfortable as sometimes i will constantly rush to the bathroom to check if i did not mess myself.  I started to google for information and thanks to your post, i am planning to consult before end of this month. I hope to give you positive feed back after my consultation because this is very annoying.