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I would like to know if there is any refractory period to an anal orgasm. 

I read in another post that anal orgasms can be brought about as many times as one can hold, 

does this mean that the ejaculation is solely pre-cum? and not "other" things that make the refractory period kick in? 

Is there a way to have a DO (Dry Orgasm) solely through anal masturbation? 

I wonder since the orgasm is achieved through prostate stimulation? Since the prostate only makes pre-cum does that mean that the orgasm is accomplished through the build up of pre-cum in it from the stimulation, meaning that all the other components of semen are practically absent? - Is this how it works?

Does anyone know how does pre-cum and anal orgasm stand in relation to Taoism ?


never hear Anal Orgasm?


Hello,first said they are lots of nerve ending on the anus,not only the prostate.
Once said this yes,you can have dry orgasm with anal masturbation (I recomend you look aneros forum ,it is a great source of information)

The precum IS NOT produced on prostate.

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