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so after being frustrated to the full extent with sebaceous prominence I tried to remove the sebum myself. If you are gentle and make sure to extract both pockets of sebum you will be left with a hole in your skin that will heal back to normal in a few days. however my success came after trying to "pop" the glands, I applied a triple antibiotic neosporin like cream that actually shrank ALL spots and not just the ones a tried to pop. Probably won't work for everyone but it's the best results I've seen for myself


First, don't try to remove those cysts by yourself. Sure, you can always wait until cyst doesn't dry their own, because they can dry their own, but I think that this is not a solution. When it comes to sebaceous cyst on face treatment, this antibiotic is pretty good. I was using it and I can tell that I saw some progress very soon. So, if your doctor also recommended you this one, then you really should not think twice about this one. Use it and follow some other instructions from your doctor. I am sure that you will be happy with the results soon.