I am currently a 21 year old male going to a state college that has been smoking marijuana for roughly 4 years or so.

I use to smoke all day everyday but lately I have cut down to about 0.1-.03 grams an hour or two before I sleep.

But lately I've been getting anxiety feelings when in class and public places.
(dry throat, throbbing heart that drowns out any sound, dizziness, feel my entire body feel like its on fire)

However, I've had a depression problem since 17, and never was treated until recently, took some paxil for a 2-3 months and it was great at first but then started to make me feel dull and like a zombie so I got off of it. Also when I was on Paxil, I would smoke much more marijuana.

Question being; Is this anxiety I get now caused from pot (despite how little i smoke now)an underlying medical condition paired with (possibly) depression?