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Hello. I am a 30 year old woman with anxiety. My major symptom is weight loss. After having my 2nd child April of last year, I experienced rapid weight loss. At this time I weigh 115 pounds at 5'8" tall. Before I weighed 130. I work part time and have 2 children. I don't have an anusual amount of stress in my life but for some reason my body and mind is overly anxious. I eat large amounts of high calorie foods and still can't keep the weight on. I do not have an eating disorder.

After recently throwing my daughters birthday party and loosing 4 pounds in a week, I've realized this is not normal. I feel like the weight issue is out of my control. I will gain a few pounds back after a stressful event, like a party, but I stay around 120. Then a function comes along and I drop 5 pounds in a week. My doctors have completed every medical test possible on me - checked my thyroid twice, etc. I'm perfectly healthy. I feel like the next step should be therapy. My mother and grandmother are clinically diagnosed OCD and are on meds.


I went through a period of anxiety after both of my children were born and experienced scary rapid weight loss after the second. I took an SNRI for a brief period of time after each child and it really helped with the anxiety and the weight loss. I think when we get anxious, we may be eating the same amount, but it's like our bodies are in "overdrive" and seem to just burn more calories. Hang in there and talk to your doctor. Also, after my first child the TSH test came back normal but then my doctor did some other type of test (T4 maybe) with the thyroid and it was abnormal, which can cause anxiety and weight loss. Find another doctor if yours won't do it!