Ayurveda holds on to the principle that every food has its own rasa or taste, energy or virya and the digestive pattern or Vipaka. Diet has a cardinal effect on the balance of the Doshas or humor of our body. This is the reason that some kinds of food should not be combined as it creates a havoc in the balance. The practitioners of this ethnic medicine believe in designing specific diets according to individual's doshic constituency and other pertaining factors such as age,gender, weight, strength of the body, geographic location, season, level of toxins and more.

The six rasas or tastes should be included in the diet for the balancing ability of each taste to work on the appetite and to minimise cravings and over eating. This is the best method to cut down on unnecessary food and prevent obesity. If the ***edited by moderator*** web addresses not allowed is concerned with the imbalance in the doshas, then the proportion of the physical attributes, that is, if the food is heavy or light or has cooling or heating effect should be varied for the balancing.

Eating of seasonal fruits, vegetables and preparations, is recommended for the simple reason that they are prepared on the basis of the varying climate. The adverse effect of the climate has null effect on the body with regular intake of the preparations and proper care. Maintaining your digestive system and eating the right foods for your constitution is thought to elongate one's life as well as contribute to overall health.