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I'm going in on Friday Dec 14. 07 The doc said recovery time will be 2 weeks. I told him I commute 20 hours a week. He change and said 3 weeks. I asked about the pain I'll have during the 3 weeks, he said "not much" and gave me a script for 40 percosets. I was so beat up after the examiation I just left the office. So glad I found all of you and I'm so sorry we have to deal. Tonight I learned better questions to ask, have an idea how to care for myself alone in PA, what to eat and not eat, what to purchase ie depends, tucks, sitz bath so much really important information. Thanks folks. I hope to help someone about the diet. I had no clue what to eat and I found this **** I'll need help being alone so I'm hiring a nurse's aid. Lucky to have insurance but they won't pay. I have 3 questions before I sleep 1) Aloe Vera Juice is it good for us? 2) If I have bleeding after the surgery will I also have fevers? When will I know to get back to a hospital. 3) what do you think are the best hours to bring in the aid?
Not alone will all of you
OH did anyone check the doctors credentials and how did you do it?

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If you have a desk job you should be able to go back at the three week point. I am at the 6 week point and just starting to get back to normal. The painkillers will make you constipated, try to stay away from them if possible. Get some diapers, and Kotex pads you will need them for bleeding and oozing. Handheld shower would be nice because you will be to sore to wipe. Have stool softeners ready to go if you need them. Hydrocortisone/Lidocane cream will help with swelling. Your best relief will be to take hot baths. Don't start eating a lot if you are swollen closed from the surgery, I was but I'm sure every case is different.


I had the surgery last Tuesday, the 11th. Post surgery was no treat as I got nauseous from the Morphine and then couldn't pee so they did a straight catheter - DEFINITELY MAKE SURE YOU PEE BEFORE GOING HOME. I think I was in the hospital for 9 hours from beginning to end, but as soon as I got home I went right to bed!

I can work from home, so started doing that this past Monday and plan to go into work tomorrow. I am still sore and the BM's are no treat, but it really just feels like a bad case of the roids!

My way through the pain is Lidocane, ibuprofen (600mg or more), Percocet (my fav), a heating pad on top of a soft pillow (the donut didn't work for me) and hot baths, oh, and wine - lots of wine!

I haven't been that good about the fiber diet and am trying to do better. Definitely want to avoid the runs - had them after too much Milk o Mag on day 3 and that was really painful.

My hubby was a godsend - he helped me through the first two nights by sleeping in the guest room and setting an alarm to wake me every 3 to 4 hours for a fresh dose of drugs. My doctor also 'installed' an interesting thing to my rectum. Two tubes that connected to a ball about the size of a baseball. The ball dispensed some sort of Novacaine into my butt for the first few days. If you can get your doctor to do that, I recommend it!

I expect full recovery will still take awhile, but having dealt with roids since I was 10 years old, I can say the rest of my days can't be any worse.

Good luck to you all!