Just when we received news about being an older mom doesn’t carry any health risk to them or the children, a new announcement was made that older moms could be risking their daughter’s fertility.

A few days ago I read about older women being physically and mental capable of carrying out pregnancies just as young moms were.

A new study was done which investigated 74 women who had fertility problems and were looking for IV treatment. The women were asked how old their mothers had been when they fell pregnant with them.

After taking all the info, they were divided into two groups to those that fell pregnant and to those that didn't.
Women who failed to get pregnant were conceived when their mothers were on average 28.2 and fathers 31.9 compared to 25.7 and 28.2 in those who did get pregnant following the treatment.

It is thought that the decline in quality of a woman's eggs as she gets older could be passed on into the reproductive cells that eventually become her daughter's eggs.

The age of the fathers had no effect on their fertility.