Hello, I wonder if anyone has this issue and might give me some suggestions.

I am a 47 year old healthy female. Approx. 20 years ago I had my gallbladder removed due to gallstones and diseased gallbladder. The surgery was uneventful and I made a full recovery. Several years went by with no further issues.

Approx. 15 years ago I started to experience mild (what I referred to as) gallbladder attacks...as the discomfort felt just like the gallbladder attacks I had prior to surgery...only less painful -- since they were only mild and very infrequent...I really never mentioned it to doctor.....did not know what it was, at one point I would refer to this episodes as back pain.

As the years passed the episode became more intense yet still infrequent..perhaps twice a year. Approx. 5 years ago..I had an attack that lastest for about 6 hours.....I was in so much pain I went to the ER and was given a battery of tests and pain medicine. I was released the next day --- at which time the doctor explained biliary colic to me (and yes told me that it happens to people even after gallbladder removal). I was told that I needed to manage the pain when these episodes happend.

Within the last two years, I have had more episodes and more testing....cat scans, upper and lower GI series, MRI ....and everytime the tests are negative. My doctor explained to me that most likely by the time I get to the ER or get to having the test...I have passed the "sludg" or debris thru the ducts and it passes through the GI tract and out through a bowel movement.

I carry Vicodine with me at all times in case of an attack. During the last two days I have had another episode..which starts off mild and over the two day period builds up and last night woke me out of a sound sleep to really bad pain......I had to take two vicodine to ease the pain....this morning it is just a dull ache left over.

This is the second bad attach in 6 months. Over the last year I have lost over 60lbs. I exercise and have tried to really take good care of myself and eat correctly etc.

I am very discouraged......as this is painful and quite incovenient. I would appreciate and suggestions or help you might offer...as to what I need to do to perhaps curtail these episodes. Thank you in advance.