Route Two is a slim little volume that is only 34 pages long. It was written by the then husband and wife team of Michael Dorris ( A Yellow Raft in Blue Water ) and Louise Erdrich ( Love Medicine ). Route Two is a travel memoir of their trip west from New Hampshire to Washington along Route Two. The insides of the book covers have a map of the United States with the path of their trip highlighted in yellow.

Route Two runs along the northern border of the United States near Canada. Erdrich and Dorris describe the road as being fairly desolate, but with a definite beauty. It is open country with the road passing through towns and regions that most people will never see. Erdrich and Dorris describe little bits of their trip (you measure time by how many different license plates you see, by how many news broadcasts are on the radio) in both the driving and in the locations that they stopped. Louise Erdrich and Michael Dorris succeed in making what is in all likelihood a very lonely stretch of highway across the country in to being a road that has a history and a personality that is inviting. This may be a slim volume, but I found it to be a very interesting one. The hardcover edition of Route Two is rather rare, however, with only 275 numbered and autographed editions available (as well as 26 lettered editions).