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Hello. I have some unanswered question, and I need some help to find the answers. I hope some of you here know them already. So let me start with my first question.

My friend wants to start using Proactol Plus weight loss supplement. We heard from a friend that it is very good and effective, and more importantly very safe.

We googled it and there was this phrase that people use when referring to this product- ‘’fat binder’’.

None of us has no idea what that means so I was wondering if someone could explain to us why this product is called fat binder?


Hello there.

Proactol plus is a good product, I know many people are satisfied with it since I read lots of good reviews online.

And yes, you will probably often hear people refer to it as fat binder. How come you never heard of that expression before?

Fat binders are all weight loss products that work by binding to fat molecules (that your body receives through the food you eat) and then they prevent their absorption.

So, practically, fat binders are supposed to reduce the fat that you are taking along with your food.

Is everything clear now? If not, be free to ask me anything.



Hi. @Blue Ranger- I am not so sure that this product is as effective as you say, but your explanation of fat binders is quite accurate. Proactol Plus actually uses three methods to help us lose weight. Supposedly, one of these methods will work on anyone. These 3 methods include:

1. Proactol Plus working as a fat binder (in the first place)

2. Proactol Plus having effects as an appetite suppressant

 and the last but not the least

3. Proactol Plus working as a metabolism booster. 

The combination of these three methods sounds perfect, but I hear many people complaining on the lack of results.