God I swear i was the only person with all of this. I am 20 years old and 160 lbs about 5'6. I have had probs with weight for a long time and now since november a weeek before thanksgiving, I got what I thought was food poising... but food poisoning goes away.... this never did. I dropped 20 lbs almost immediately. I couldnt hold down water, food, NOTHING. So i went to the hospital ( desperate obviously bc i have no insurance ) and they hooked me up to fluids bc i had nothing in my body. So i was there for about four hours. The docotor thought it had something to do w/ my vagina or something so he checked that and it was fine. But he told me i had vaginitis but as soon as i heard that I thought it was a joke. THIS IS MY STOMACH. He touched and poked at my stomach and he got no results but STILL I get up every morning since then with terrible pains. I can't eat and if i see or try to eat food I throw up or feel like i'm going too. Then I spend about an hour on an off going to the bathroom. Never pleasent because my bowel movements are no longer normal, ever.

Finally I went to the doctors and he said I have anxiety problems ( which i do ) and he put me on an off brand of zoloft. I noticed a slight different because it dramatically calmed me down but just not w/ my stomach. Lately I stopped taking it because my doctor moved to florida ( he was at a clinic for people w/o insurance ) so now i need to find a new doctor. My old doctor said i needed an colonoscopy but since i dont have insurance its gonna be pricey. Finally before he left he said I had IBS, but I never thought IBS was this severe.

I've tried a lot of things. Including yoga and eating healthier. Also I have tried all the good bacterias and all that c**p, but nothing natural seems to work for me. The only thing I have found so far that actually helps is well marijuana. The sad part is people automatically assume i'm making that up, but I am not. Marijuana is the only thing that has kept me sane and the only thing that has kept my stomach full. Unfortunately I live in DE and medical isn't available till i believe 2014 ( not sure on that ) but untill then I just need to hope that I don't get busted for it because without it, i will fall apart ! not to mention i probably wont even be eligible to recieve medical even though it's proven to be the only thing that helps me.

What is person supposed to do with limited funds and no health insurance :( I am only 20 years old ! I DO NOT want to live like this forever!