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Constipation is the most commonly observed disease in today’s world. It is a gastrointestinal problem which is characterized by infrequent bowel movements. Many people believe that if they do not get a bowel movement daily, they are suffering from Constipation. However, getting three movements daily to three movements weekly is considered normal. People who do not get even three bowel movements weekly are referred to as constipated. It is known to affect about 2% of people globally and is more commonly found in children and elderly people. Although it can affect anyone at any age, females are more prone to the condition than males.

Constipation, although curable, may cause serious complications in the patients in acute cases. Some of the early symptoms of the disease include severe abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, fever, loss of weight, rectal bleeding, etc. With a progress in the condition, it might cause a bloated feeling in the abdomen, sluggishness, the sensation of incomplete bowel evacuation, difficulty during defecation, straining during defecation, etc. Constipation is largely a result of faulty eating habits and lack or absence of exercise. Some of the common causes of the disease include fewer intakes of fluids and water, less fibre in diet, no exercise, sedentary lifestyle and lack of movements, ignoring the urge for stools, dieting, pregnancy and child birth, excessive medication, etc.

Homeopathy, however, has made this irritable condition curable with effective medication. Homeopaths have successfully treated Constipation over the years and completely cured the disease. Homeopathic treatment is an ideal form of treatment for curing a number of diseases. It causes no side-effects and is non-addictive. Homeopathy, moreover, treats the disease completely and relieves the patient, both physically and mentally. Homeopathic medicines are highly safe and convenient especially for children and pregnant women. They are also highly cost-effective as compared to other modern forms of treatment available today.

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Evidence for benefits of homeopathy is pretty lacking - best to stick to the prune juice:-)