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Difficult to get pregnant for smokers! It seems that smoking impairs fertility. According to a British study, women who smoke take longer to become pregnant. A further period of two months has been raised!

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The risks of smoking during pregnancy begin to be familiar with including higher infant mortality, risk of respiratory infections for newborns and smaller birth weight. In contrast, very few women know that smoking re****s their chances of being pregnant.

To assess the effects of smoking on women desiring pregnancy, researchers compared the time to be among 500 pregnant women smokers, non-smokers or former smokers. The results are unequivocal: women who smoke while trying to become pregnant take two more months to begin their pregnancy compared to non-smokers. As for former smokers, they should abstain for at least a year before attempting pregnancy to return to the same period a woman who never smoked.

Thus, the continuation of smoking among women wishing to conceive a child increases the time required to initiate a pregnancy!


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