Ok this happened a few minutes ago i was in the middle of piercing my belly button, yes i know how to do it i cleaned everything and i know what to do because my aunt taught me because shes a professional piercer, anyways i was in the middle of piercing it and i got this strange feeling and i knew what was going to happen becaude this has been happening alot lately. I start breaking out in a sweat and i took out the needle because i was growing dizzy, then right on cue my vision started going out and it was black and really blurry, it felt as if i was blind, so when this happens i usually go lay down and drink something, so i headed upstairs still not being able to see, as if i was blind and found my way to the sink and i turned the water on cold and started spraying myself with the faucet and i started drinking some water and i did that for a while. Then when my vision came back i headed back ti my room and cleaned my belly button then went to sit on my bed. I started getting cold and i heard weird noises like just fuzz really loud. I don't knoe whats wrong with me i've told my mom and shes gonna try ti get me to the doctor soon, im a 14 year old girl and im not on drugs or anything but i eat really healthy, this has happened a few times before. I read that i might be sugar deprived or low blood sugar..