I went to the doctor 4days ago , she said I had a tummy virus so she put me on a drip and gave me some pills (( for when the diarrhea starts again)) but she said it will not start again, then 4days passed and it is all still their nothing has change .. So I went on internet and found this Question and it is exactly how I felt HERE IS THE QUESTION >> last Tuesday night I had an extreme headache, so I went to bed and it was still there in the morning. It stayed the same intensity until Thursday. On Friday I developed muscle ache throughout my body and tension in my cheekbones forehead and back of my neck. I started getting random shooting pains in some of my joints every so often. I also started feeling dizzy, I couldn't stand up for long and I'm also very tired. I keep getting cold sweats and diarrhea. :$ But it's quite strange because it's really watery. I also felt like I had a burning sensation in my stomach last night, kind of like I needed to go to the toilet. Today, I have the most awful headache which kept me awake all night. (It's painful just looking at the laptop screen, I had to lower the contrast hehe) It's above my right eye. I feel like my eyeball is going to explode. I've also lost my appetite and funnily enough, all foods I think about make me feel sick except small quantities of sweet food. What on Earth is causing this? I'm worried because it's made me stay off college for a few days. Sorry for any spelling mistakes. :$<< now all that symptoms is there for a weak now ,, all different is I can't ever drink something sweet then the nausea is back and my head doesn't hurt that much but it still there,, But I could not find that answer can someone tel me what's wrong?