This man treated me like I was a drug addict and I would never abuse something that serious. He tried to put words in my mouth that I would never do or say. He verbally harassed me and I left in tears each time I went. The last time I took my daughter with me and he brought up how much he hates president Obama and that people on food stamps or anything like that are worthless.He said people taking money from the government are no good pieces of sh** and dont work for anything they get. My daughter said to herself not even talking to him keep in mind , she said Im on food stamps then he turned and verbally harassed her. She is 24 her and her husband bust their butts for everything they get and have a child with Hydrocephalus and has had 7 brain surgeries so it really got to her. He then said that she was a dorito munching video gaming government moocher and she stood up for herself and said no i bust my butt for everything I have and need a little help with the economy being as is. He then told her she was arrogant and ignorant because he assumed she was and said he didnt expect her to understand anything. He talked her down and then finally at her breaking point after he literally yelled at her and said what you think your better than me and she said no but do you. Then she said that he shouldnt even be talking to her since she isnt the patient and he turned it around on her and tried to make her sound like it was all her fault in which it wasnt. NOT ONLY did he verbally harass us he then slanderized and stereotyped us, he literally tried to justify his actions buy saying because he is a doctor he is better than anyone. SO if any of you say he is a nice guy you havent seen the true side of him. My daughter literally cried because she was so angry at what he said about everyone. How he gets away with this stuff is beyond me.Dont let him mess with you or anyone else. Also if you have Medicaid or medicare he will try his hardest to make sure you dont get to stay there.