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Extreemly Interested in Uterus Transplant,

At the age of 18 I became pregnant & married. Only 1 week after marriage my husband started to become abusive physically, mentally & verbally. I'm very lucky I didn't loose my daughter during the abuse, she was born healthly November 1994. In May of 1995, I became pregnant again but on September 11, 1995 my husband beat me to the point I lost my son. I was there bleeding knowing everything was bad but before he left for work... his threats I listened to out of fear, the unknown & guilt and he told me I couldn't call anyone or go to hospital & if I did he'd go to jail & told me my daughter would be taken from me & that everyone would think it was my fault . Being young & raised by an abusive single mother, drilled into me was things like I deserved it or I'm worthless or you made your bed now lay in it, it was my fault I was born, I brought you into this world & I can take you out...etc So the thought of loosing the lil bit of a 'so called family' scared me to death. So I'm lucky I lived...I laid for hours in the bath tub bleeding...the chills lasted for over a week & I had a temp of 105*, I was weak, couldn't eat...just tried to survive still shivering with 5 comforters on. My daughter had just started to walk but was amazing at sitting & playing near me...its as if she knew how sick I was. I would try to get enough strength to prepare everything she needed for the day...I still don't know how I was able to care for her during this time...not well I'm sure.
I wasnt able to conceive after that. 2003 I had an AVM but more of an AVF, 2004- failed-angiogram/embolization done awake-6hrs long, failed-open brain surgery (that never should have been attempted) taking my sight & left with knowing my 9 yr old daughter was told her mom only had a week to live at the most-surgery 9hrs long all by one Toronto, Ontario hospital...
Thankfully family refused to give up and found another Toronto hospital with experience that would take me to try to save my life (where I should have been sent the moment the other hospitals dr. seen the seriousness of my condition...but they where more interested in gaining in other ways rather than the facts of sending me to someone with more experience). Another angiogram/embolization-2 1/2 hrs done & my life was no longer in a life threatening situation but I was still blind due to damage of optic nerve & contradictions of the medications reacting against each other that I was put on. I had been depressed & more usless or helpless giving my husband more power over me since he had to help me with daily life & was the only one working. I went from about 150lbs to 289lbs. The meds where killing me causing many other serious issues but instead off taking meds away they would just add more...I was up to taking 17 a day. 2005 I started bleeding consistantly 24/7 seen dr. after dr....many wouldn't touch me in fear of me having week blood vessels or continued thinking it would stop but I believe more so to being uncomfortable treating a blind person. It never did stop, I was pale, weak & could hardly ever leave the house. May 2008 I got an awesome family dr. he was truly caring about me & helping me change things got me info to get family coucelling, got me into a abused womens group, starting changing my sight was starting to show signs of change, with increased sight the more active I became & the stronger I was for the first time ever in my life on Aug 2008 he send me to a hero, the only surgeon willing to take care of my bleeding non-stop problem. But not before my husband who had to take me to the appt said to dr. to 'gut her like a fish to get rid of this problem'. I know look back & I'm glad I had this problem cause it kept him away from me mostly. So just my uterus was removed. I felt I left the hospital a different person...2 weeks away from husband & going through everything learned from everyone helping me made me strong & decided at that moment the life that was is gone & I was going to change everything. I went off ALL my meds...and my weight started to come off, other health issues began to go away and amazingly my sight kept getting better month by month. Your supose to wait four weeks before sexual activity but after only one week my husband decided not to wait. That was just another thing to rise up from, lucky no problems so I kept going to groups, dr visits, getting healthier physically & spiritually. Moved into my own room and told him to never touch me & he could go do whatever he want elsewhere. So school had started for my daughter & I didn't want her to change schools so I decided as long as he didn't touch me I would live in the house but as separat this point we where living in AB had moved there in 2003 but I wanted to return to ON where I was born & raised & back to where my daughter had childhood friends. I had many talks with her about moving here together. Dec 2008 I asked for a divorce. Trying to live there until June 2009 when she'd finish school was too hard so after he threatened me and back to his old ways once he learned he no longer had control of me I decided April 11, 2209 was moving day. 3 weeks before my daughter asked if she could stay there to finish school & move in summer with me. I thought he was going to continue couselling to build a relationship with my daughter & he have her continue so she can heal. So I thought her staying may help them both & I thought it would give me 3 mths to get on my feet & ready for her to come. 2 weeks after I moved I found out they both no longer bothered to go to their appts. ;-( But I could do nothing now I live 2400miles from her. Summer 2009 came & went & so did any dreams of having my daughter live with me as now she is use to her freedom for him never home being 15 now & not wanting to leave her friends. I have my sight back enough I am allowed to drive again & I reconnected with an old high school friend, its as if we are soulmates & not an abusive bone in his body, even my daughter likes him & is great with her when she visits. The divorce finally was granted May 2010 I'm so happy. And my wonderful new man asked me to marry him...and he was someone that thought he'd never want to marry anyone. So our big day is October 31st, 2010 I love him so much and dream of gifting him a child to share our bond more than we do now but I would need a uterus implanted to help me. I pray for hope & help... Crystal ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** private e-mails not allowed **
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Crystal, that is an extraordinary story, and I'm very glad that you are able to offer a happy ending with a partner.

I know this may sound strange and off topic, but you write very well, and your story is so extraordinary, that I think it would be a gift to many people if you would consider writing it down in full. I'm sure others will help you if that is something you decide to do.

I would also ask, having heard that extraordinary story, and not wanting to offer any impediment, but why might you consider the surgery to be necessary, for the kind of emotional and spiritual commitment that you are already demonstrating?

Simply put - and I would have to re-read to ensure I had the details correct - if you have access to eggs (ie: you are still ovulating), then a combination of IVF and surrogate would allow a child that was genetically yours, without stressing your body that has achieved so much.

Without the eggs, it would not be 'your' dna, so only a surrogate, so why not consider adoption?

More than anything however, with your own daughter already successfully grown, proving beyond doubt your resilience and ability as a human being, why not allow your partner to share with you the gift that he obviously has, which is a deep and unconditional love for you - you've been through so much, isn't it time to relax and celebrate?

Whatever you do, I wish you well - you're a remarkable woman.