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so i guess me an my boyfriend have had sex alot before, but last night we where just fooling around an he stuck his fingers inside my vagina. he then found my g-spot and kept his fingers in the same spot and just moved them around a little bit on my g-spot. When i woke up in the morning i changed my underwear and like 10 minutes later went to the washroom and there was a a little but of light brown discharge in my underwear. There was non in the toilet, and non when i whiped. Could it be blood? If it is, why is it bleeding? And could this leed to infection? Im sort of scared, please please please help me out.


Hi Winter,

Your G-spot is located high up in your vaginal wall which if that was your first time with that kind of stimulation then yes, it is normal for you to experience a bit of blood.  Maybe your bf went at it a little hard and scratched the wall or it is just so close to the cervix that anytime you get close enough you may bleed - I personally get painful cramps so I would rather have the bit of blood.  Oh yeah, it shouldn't last too long either - it's normal and most all females experience this.

Hope this helps