Have you purchased the Zeno acne medical device? If so, what's your unbiased opinon of its effectiveness?

The Zeno device is about $160-220 depending on whether you get the basic, pro, or MD version (difference seems only to be mirrored carrying case and number of uses -- 30, 60, or 90 uses -- in the tip before replacement tips are needed). Replacement tips are $30 or more depending on the number of uses in them.

According to the sales literature, you apply the device to your newly forming acne for two and half minutes while it delivers a "safe" heat to your face with the device's computer adjusting the device to your skin's resistance to delivery just the right amount heat. Again, according to the company's sales pitch, the heat causes the p.acnes bacteria to produce a heat shock protein that then makes it self destruct. This allegedly speeds healing, because you don't have to wait a few days for your own white cells to kill off the p.acnes on their own.

OK, the story line is reasonably buyable: nice medical-sounding reasoning about why it would work... but before I go spending this much money, I wonder if anyone else has used this thing.

If you've purchased one, please provide some unbiased feedback for the rest of us. Does it work? A little or a lot? On some types of bleminishes better than others? Is it worth the money, or is it just a scam?