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I am 17 weeks pregnant after having 4 abortions. I have had them all legally and safely, in a safe clinic .. with my last abortion the doctor gave me an ultrasound when it was "completely" to make sure everything was cleaned out because he said there wasn't very much tissue after the procedure was done.

Now that I have decided to keep this baby, I am nervous that it's going not going to be healthy or it will have birth defects. I think about it everyday and I know I should tell my midwife, but I am scared of what she will think of me.


even if your midwife thinks badly of you (which i'm sure she won't), it needs to be known because you have concerns, and she can reassure you.
also, there is no proof that abortion can cause harm to future pregnancies. i'm sure your baby will be fine. just keep yourself healthy. good luck with your pregnancy. i hope you feel a little better!